[UPDATE] Delta Air Lines Revises Uniform Policy Following Palestinian Pin Backlash

Delta Air Lines is changing its employee uniform policy to ban pins representing any country or nationality other than the United States following controversy over flight attendants wearing Palestinian flag pins.

Spacex’s Falcon 9 Grounded After Stage 2 Anomaly in Latest Starlink Launch

SpaceX’s reliable Falcon 9 space transportation fleet has been grounded after an unusual failure in its second stage caused its payload, 20 of the company’s Starlink satellites, to deploy in a lower-t..

Amazon’s Prime Day Is Coming up — Here’s How to Redeem a Gift Card

With Prime Day imminent, people could be able to pay for purchases using Amazon gift cards, which can be redeemed using the Amazon website or app...

Delta Airlines CEO Blames Fare Discounts for Missing Profit Expectations

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian calls fare discounting and other pressures a major contributor to missed financial expectations and a 5% drop in Delta's stock price...

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Elon Musk vs. Bill Gates: How the Feud Between the 2 Billionaires Started
Here's how Elon Musk and Bill Gates' feud started.
Tampons Sold in US, UK, and Greece Discovered Containing Dangerous Levels of Toxic Metals
An alarming investigation has revealed that tampons contain toxic metals, including dangerous levels of arsenic, chromium, and lead, with all 16 tested metals detected in at least one product.
Tesla Makes Debut on Chinese Government Procurement List, a First for Foreign EV Brands
Tesla has achieved a milestone as the first foreign-owned electric vehicle brand to be included in a Chinese government procurement list.
Spain, France Arrest 5 Members of Chinese Money Laundering Gang That Smuggle Over 1 Million Euros a Day
French and Spanish authorities have arrested five members of a suspected Chinese money laundering network in Spain this week.
US Miners Are Calling for the Revival of the Bureau of Mines
Mining trade groups are urging the US government to revive and expand the Bureau of Mines.
Carlos Slim Invests $1.2 Billion to Establish Gulf of Mexico Gas Field
Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s company, Grupo Carso SAB, announced that it was investing $1.2 billion to develop a vast gas field in the Gulf of Mexico.
GLP-1 Treatments Like Ozempic Reduce Risk of Obesity-Related Cancers in Type 2 Diabetes Patients: Study
Patients with type 2 diabetes taking GLP-1 treatments, including Ozempic, have a reduced risk of developing 10 types of obesity-related cancers compared to those using insulin and other diabetes medic
Ohio Chamber of Commerce Rejects $15 Minimum Wage Proposal, Citing Increased Labor Costs
Proposals to raise Ohio’s minimum wage to $15 per hour have failed this year due to insufficient signatures, delaying the initiative to potentially appearing on the ballot in 2025, following oppositio
Chinese GAC and Turkish EV Maker TOGG Discuss Joint Electric Vehicle Venture
Chinese automaker GAC is in talks with Turkey's TOGG for potential joint EV production ventures, a potential bilateral cooperation in both countries' automotive sectors.
Tesla Becomes First Foreign EV Approved as Chinese Government Vehicle
Tesla's Model Y is now included on a Chinese government purchase list, making it the first foreign-owned electric vehicle brand approved for procurement by Jiangsu province.
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