UK Businessman Sues Apple for $5 Million After Divorce Uncovers Deleted iMessage Conversations with Prostitutes

By Madz Dizon

Jun 15, 2024 02:12 AM EDT

UK Businessman Sues Apple for $5 Million After Deleted Messages After Divorce Uncovers Deleted iMessage Conversations with Prostitutes
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A UK businessman, who was involved in extramarital affairs and communicated with prostitutes through iMessage, is suing Apple for the $5 million he lost in his divorce after his wife discovered the supposedly deleted texts on their family iMac.

UK Businessman's Deleted iMessages Led to Divorce

A businessman admitted to engaging with individuals in the later years of his marriage, communicating with them through iMessage.  After agreeing to meet them, he would delete the messages, thinking that they would never resurface again, The Sun reported.

But much to his dismay, when his wife opened iMessage on the connected family iMac, she discovered the most recent message he had sent to someone else's iPhone was to a prostitute.

Upon further investigation, the individual discovered a collection of messages sent to individuals of questionable profession spanning several years. 

These messages, which were believed to be permanently hidden, have now resurfaced. After discovering her husband's unfaithfulness, she wasted no time in initiating divorce proceedings.

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UK Businessman Sues Apple

According to him, the tech giant fails to provide clear information about the fact that iMessages sent to another iPhone user can still be visible on other linked Apple devices, even if they have been deleted on the phone.

According to Daily Mail, the businessman shared with the newspaper that his marriage of over 20 years came to a halt when his infidelity was brought to light.

He argues that his actions were not as severe as engaging in a complete affair, suggesting that the couple might have been able to overcome the situation if it had been less abrupt, harsh, and distressing.

London-based law firm Rosenblatt has initiated legal proceedings against Apple. 

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