Murder-Suicide in South Korea: 2 Men With Huge Debts Kill 2 Women Before Jumping to Their Deaths From Hotel Window

By Jace Dela Cruz

Jun 11, 2024 04:14 AM EDT

Authorities in South Korea are closing a murder-suicide case in Gyeonggi province after the two suspects died from jumping out of a hotel room window to evade capture.

Police also found that the evidence of the crime was pointing to victims being killed during the suspects' attempt to pay off their financial debts. 

Knife Stabbing

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Murder-Suicide Case in South Korea Linked to Financial Debts

According to The Korea Herald, the police disclosed that the two men responsible for the deaths of two female victims both had huge debts. They reportedly enticed the victims to extort money from them.

The incident, which happened on April 10, garnered attention when the police investigating a missing persons report about the two women encountered the two men at a hotel room in Paju.

Both suspects then plunged to their deaths after jumping from a window of a hotel room in Paju to evade arrest. Upon entering the room, authorities found the bodies of the two women, who were strangled by the men.

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Investigations of the Murder-Suicide Case in South Korea to be Closed

Investigations revealed that the two men were friends, and one of the victims had been their acquaintance. The other victim was deceived by the two men's fake job offer as a casino dealer. With both suspects deceased, police announced on Monday that the case will be closed without prosecution.

No other suspects or victims were discovered during the investigations. Police have requested emergency financial support and burial assistance from the Ministry of Justice for the families of the victims. 

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