Missing TV Presenter Michael Mosley's Body Found on Greek Island, Family Confirms

By Madz Dizon

Jun 10, 2024 10:33 AM EDT

Missing TV Presenter Michael Mosley's Body Found on Greek Island, Family Confirms(Christopher Furlong/Getty Images) (Credit: Getty Image)

The body of Dr. Michael Mosley, a British TV presenter as well as author, was discovered on a Greek island on Sunday morning following an extensive search, according to his family.

British TV Presenter Found Dead

Mosley, who disappeared on the island of Symi on Wednesday afternoon June 5), was seen among rocks on a rugged stretch of coast by a group on a boat that included the local mayor along with journalists.

Mosley's wife explained that her husband mistakenly chose a different path during his hike and unfortunately collapsed near a marina, where his body was not easily visible.

The tragedy has generated numerous speculations regarding the events leading up to his last moments. 

According to a coroner in Rhodes, it has been confirmed that Michael Mosley passed away at 4pm on the day he went missing, and there is no indication of any suspicious circumstances.

The coroner's findings suggest that Dr. Mosley may have sat down with his hand on a nearby terrace, which raises questions about the accuracy of earlier reports suggesting he had fallen down a small cliff, Mirror reported.

The heartbreaking news of his passing was confirmed by his wife, Dr Clare Bailey Mosley, as she honored her companion of forty years.

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Michael Mosley: From TV Fame to Diet Innovator

Mosley, 67, was widely recognized in Britain for his numerous programs on the BBC, frequent appearances on television and radio, and his column in the Daily Mail newspaper. 

He gained international recognition for his 2013 book "The Fast Diet," which he wrote in collaboration with Mimi Spencer, a fellow writer. 

The book introduced the "5:2 diet," which claimed to aid in rapid weight loss by reducing calorie intake for two days a week while maintaining a healthy diet for the remaining five days.

He later launched a fast weight loss program and created several films focused on diet and exercise.

In accordance with ABC News, Mosley frequently subjected his body to extreme measures to observe the impacts of his diets.

He even endured the presence of tapeworms in his digestive system for a duration of six weeks, all in the name of the BBC documentary "Infested!" "Living With Parasites."

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