Google to Invest Additional $2.3 Billion in Central Ohio Data Center Expansion

Google announced a $2.3 billion investment to support its data center campuses in central Ohio, adding to the $4.4 billion already spent since 2019, to enhance its global services infrastructure.

Sanctioned Russian Billionaire Files Lawsuit Against UBS in Germany Over Money Laundering Alerts

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has filed a lawsuit against a German unit of UBS Group AG over anti-money laundering reports that triggered a criminal investigation of him...

Bill Gates Announces Billions for Next-Gen Nuclear Plant in Wyoming to Address US Energy Demand

Bill Gates has committed billions towards TerraPower's construction of a next-generation nuclear power plant in Wyoming, aimed at meeting increasing electricity demands in the United States, with comp..

Goldman Sachs Plans to Double Lending to Ultra-Wealthy Private Bank Clients in the Next 5 Years: Report

Goldman Sachs plans to double its lending to wealthy private bank clients in the next five years...

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Donald Trump Warns About the Biggest Stock Market Crash in US History if He Loses to Joe Biden and Investors Just Laugh
Former President Donald Trump has once again claimed that the US stock market will crash if he does not win in the upcoming presidential election.
Donald Trump Appeals $454 Million Civil Fraud Verdict as Penalty Increases to $112,000 Per Day
Former President Donald Trump is appealing a New York judge's ruling that he must pay $454 million in penalties and interest in a civil fraud case.
U.S. And China Relations In Danger After Threat of Espionage and Economic Challenges
China also accused U.S. companies operating in the country of espionage, raising mistrust amid economic challenges and export growth.
Amazon to Take Walgreens' Spot in the Dow Jones Industrial Average Next Week
Amazon is set to replace Walgreens Boots Alliance in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Warren Buffett-Backed Capital One to Buy Discover Financial in $35 Billion Deal
Warren Buffett-backed Capital One is set to acquire US credit card issuer Discover Financial Services in an all-stock deal valued at $35.3 billion.
Japan To Allow Cryptoassets in Their Investment Fund
Japan proposes a bill allowing venture capital firms and investment funds to hold cryptocurrency assets.
London Stock Exchange Group Plans to Increase CEO Pay
The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is considering doubling CEO maximum pay amid concerns on UK firms' US listings and competition from high-paying American tech companies.
OpenAI, Now Valued at Over $80 Billion, Launches New Text-to-Video Tool Sora
ChatGPT maker OpenAI reportedly reached a valuation of $80 billion or more after completing a business deal to raise more funds.
JPMorgan Chase to Pay Civil Penalties of Around $350 Million Over Trade Reporting Gaps
JPMorgan Chase and Co. has disclosed that it would pay civil penalties totaling around $350 million to regulators for reporting insufficient trading data to surveillance platforms.
Donald Trump Ordered to Pay Nearly $355M in Civil Fraud Case | He Will Now Have to Pay $438M for 2 NY Civil Trials
In his biggest punishment to date, a New York judge ordered former President Donald Trump and his companies to pay almost $355 million for fraudulently inflating the values of his properties.
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