Joe Biden Announces $7 Billion in Solar Grants for Low-Income Households on Earth Day

Biden's $7B grants are set to create 200,000 jobs and save households $400 yearly on energy costs.

Taiwan Seeks US Funding as Chinese Warplanes Slowly Approach the Country

Taiwan's military engages in talks with the United States over newly allocated funding following reports of Chinese military aircraft breaching the sensitive median line of the Taiwan Strait...

US Lawmakers Pass Billions in Long-Awaited Aid for Ukraine, Israel to Bolster War Efforts

Despite fierce opposition from Republican hardliners, the US House of Representatives approved a $95 billion legislation package giving security assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan...

Disneyland Moves Closer to Expansion Plans as Anaheim City Council Approves $1.9 Billion Project

The Anaheim City Council has given the green light to Disneyland Forward, the Walt Disney Company's ambitious plan to expand its iconic theme park...

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Retailers says no to a Black Friday on Thanksgiving
Most retailers are not opening during this year’s Thanksgiving Day contradictory to the trend of launching Black Friday sales a day early.
SEC OKs Fund Equity Rules
The Security and Exchnage Commission approves the ammended rules for mutual fund investors.
White House Visit Linked to Malaysian 1MDB Malaysian Fund
The US-Malaysia tie up is being sorrounded with anomally as regards to the 1MDB Malaysian Fund scandal.
EU Investment Plan Has No Added Value Per Auditor
Auditor of EU Investment Plan had revealed that the said plan has no added value.
US Airlines to Slash Airfares
Due to rising competition, United States Airlines have to reduce and cut down its airfares to maintain its market standing.
Swiss Attorney General Maximizes Malaysian 1MDB Probe Fund
Swiss government is currently undergoing investigations to probe fund of the 1MDB
Fed Puts On Fund For Zika Virus Drones
Zika Virus causes microcephaly as well as additional health conditions in infants like congenital Zika syndrome and Guillaine-Barre syndrome in adults.
Pentagon Uses War Fund as Sluch Fund!
Pentagon got the highest fund ever in the history. Its fund is intended to purchase F-35 . It will be utilized for the ongoing combat operations. The cost related with these enduring requirements is i
Debate on Transportation Fund Lockbox Amendments Continues
Michael Sturino, president and CEO of Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association had proposed an amendment that asked for a huge budget. This earned criticism as some critics opposed on th
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