British Weapons Manufacturer BAE Systems Record High Profits Amid War in Ukraine and Gaza

BAE systems saw a spike in their profits in 2023 alone, amounting to $27.3 billion as a weapons manufacturer amid war in Ukraine and Gaza.

Joe Biden Is Cutting 18% of Pentagon's F-35 Jet Order in 2025 Budget Request: Report

President Joe Biden reportedly wants to cut the number of F-35 jets the Pentagon will buy next year...

EU Seals Massive $54 Billion Aid Deal for Ukraine After Hungary Gave In

The leaders of the 27 European Union (EU) countries agreed on Thursday to give Ukraine a new $54 billion aid package after Hungary gave in not to veto the move...

Planet A Foods Raises $15.4 Million Funding to Expand Global Presence of Its Cocoa-Free Chocolate Brand

Planet A Foods has raised $15.4 million in Series A funding to expand the global presence of its cocoa-free chocolate brand...

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White House Visit Linked to Malaysian 1MDB Malaysian Fund
The US-Malaysia tie up is being sorrounded with anomally as regards to the 1MDB Malaysian Fund scandal.
EU Investment Plan Has No Added Value Per Auditor
Auditor of EU Investment Plan had revealed that the said plan has no added value.
US Airlines to Slash Airfares
Due to rising competition, United States Airlines have to reduce and cut down its airfares to maintain its market standing.
Swiss Attorney General Maximizes Malaysian 1MDB Probe Fund
Swiss government is currently undergoing investigations to probe fund of the 1MDB
Fed Puts On Fund For Zika Virus Drones
Zika Virus causes microcephaly as well as additional health conditions in infants like congenital Zika syndrome and Guillaine-Barre syndrome in adults.
Pentagon Uses War Fund as Sluch Fund!
Pentagon got the highest fund ever in the history. Its fund is intended to purchase F-35 . It will be utilized for the ongoing combat operations. The cost related with these enduring requirements is i
Debate on Transportation Fund Lockbox Amendments Continues
Michael Sturino, president and CEO of Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association had proposed an amendment that asked for a huge budget. This earned criticism as some critics opposed on th
Russia Eyes High Positive Investments From Foreign Investors
Russia's economy starts eventually to improve even if Russia's global political standing. In October, in its latest World Economic Outlook,nternational Monetary Fund predicted that Russia's economy co
$6.2 million from India Life Science Fund for Oasis Center
Oasis Center, the leading chain in vitro-fertilization has announced it partnership with India's Life Sciences Fund.It has invested $6.2 millon in the company. The proceeds of the funding is allocated
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