Google to Invest Additional $2.3 Billion in Central Ohio Data Center Expansion

Google announced a $2.3 billion investment to support its data center campuses in central Ohio, adding to the $4.4 billion already spent since 2019, to enhance its global services infrastructure.

Thai Central Bank Renews Opposition to Government's Plan to $14 Billion Cash

Bank of Thailand Governor Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput doubled down its opposition against the Thai government of PM Srettha Thavisin and its plan to give almost $14 billion in cash to almost all of its..

G7 Agrees to Give Ukraine $50 Billion Loan Amid War vs. Russia

The leaders of the Group of Seven, the world’s wealthiest nations, have agreed to create a $50 billion loan to help Ukraine in its fight to survive Russia’s onslaught, with interest earned on profits ..

T-Mobile Secures $2.67 Billion US Navy Contract for Communication Technology

T-Mobile secures a $2.67 billion contract with the U.S. Navy for advanced communication technologies, supported by its partnership with SpaceX for improved service delivery...

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Transwestern Investment Group is an investment advisor serving a broad range of investors through a diversified array of discretionary and non-discretionary investment vehicles. Recently, it just had
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Last week’s headlines must be a frustration among the 11 S&P 500 sector exchange-traded funds as there are continuous downgrades here and there. Here are some of the results from this week’s scorecard
Which Sectors Are Still OK For Q4?
Even with some major setbacks, stocks looks promising in 2016. The S&P 500 has increased 5% year to date and the MSCI World Index has further added nearly 2%, as of October 24, 2016. Numerous importan
Hennessee Is Dead
Elizabeth Lee Hennessee died at the age of 64 because of stroke.
Fund Managers Assures Election Will Not Wreck Your 401(k)
Fund managers assured that who ever wn the 2016 election, the 401(k) will not be affected
SEC Must End Mutual Funds Paper Chase; Should Start Focusing On Other Matters
The SEC made this investor disclosure-cost-environment policy trifecta possible through a May 2015 proposal that would allow mutual funds to deliver shareholder reports electronically as the default o
Alibaba Is Ready For A $1.48B Digital Media, Entertainment Investment Fund
Alibaba is investing $1.48B for its Digital Media and Entertainment. Likewise, it has been entering some investment deals like the one with Youtube.
Hedge Fund Elliot Confesses It's Really Scared Of Inflation
Elliot management warns investors of a high possible rapid inflation.
Samsung To Have $1B Investment For US Chip Production
Samsung Electronics confirmed on Tuesday that it is planning to invest more than $1 billion in its chip manufacturing facilities in Texas.
UK Stocks Could Plummet At 80% - Hedge Fund Manager Odey
Crispin Odey is a London-based hedge fund manager. His main hedge fund has lost about 43 percent this year. He says that U.K. stocks could crash 80 percent as the economy is shaken by a recession and
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