Revl Received $2 Million Seed Fund for Developing Shake-reduction Smartphone Camera

By Staff Writer

Feb 25, 2016 11:16 PM EST

Revl's smart camera has received a seed funding of $2 million from venture capitalist Bill Tai and will be implemented to increase the production of its signature device together with the enhancement of the iOS app.  Other investors include James Lindenbaum, Frog Ventures, Lars Rasmussen and Y Combinator.

Eric Sanchez founded Revl in 2015 which builds fully stabilized action camera that provides instant capture and share. It also has 'intelligent features" that the company plans to develop more on this spring. The device will be made available for purchase through a crowdfunding campaign that will be unveiled this year but no price has been revealed yet, Venture Beat reports.

With the said product, Revl is investing on GoPro and other action-focused cameras. The team which composed of ardent kiteboarders and sports enthusiasts "got tired of spending hours editing shaky and rotating footage." To get rid of the problem, they thought of building a shake-reducing camera keeping the horizontal view level at all times.

Revl's technology lessens the video's shakiness, thus improving the footage quality.  The smart video editor app helps produce stable video through detection. In an instance a person wants to record himself skiing off jumps, the app will take the footage that begins with the drop and stops after the person has landed.

The company worked with Frog Design, Sony and Ambarella for resources like sensors and chips necessary for stabilization technology.  The smartphone maker wants to get a share from proven camera makers such as Canon, GoPro and Nikon by rolling out stabilized cameras.  It also rivals other companies like Steadicam that produce stabilizing equipment for motion cameras, Bidness Etc. reports.

Revl CEO said, "The rest of the action camera industry is moving towards higher-resolution pictures, and 360-videos. We're solving a more immediate user experience problem with a focus on stabilization," as mentioned in a Wall Street Journal report.

The introduction of a stabilized camera by Revl could possibly remove the necessity for camera accessories that provide stability. It will also direct other makers of camera to institute like features where the technology can be integrated in 360 footages.

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