Venture Capital Funding for Fintech Startup Reached $13.8 Billion in 2015

By Staff Writer

Mar 14, 2016 09:05 AM EDT

KPMG and CB Insight released a new report showing the venture capital investment for financial technology companies doubled up in 2015. However in the fourth quarter, the report showed the investment was declining.

Finextra reported that venture capital investment in fintech companies jumped more than double to $13.8 billion from $6.7 billion in 2014. Pulse of Fintech, a joint report from KPMG and CB Insight, also highlights a trend of increasing interest from corporations to involve in fintech deals. The corporations that took interest in fintech were ranging from sectors such as financial services, telecoms and technology.

At least 25% of financial techologies VC funding in 2015 was from such corporations. Citigroup was listed as the most active investor from the banking sectors, followed by Goldman Sachs. In total, there are 653 number of deals in 2015, an 11% increase from 586 deals in 2014.

"2015 was a tremendous year for fintech investment around the globe. The evolving needs of digitally savvy consumers and the drive for efficiency, not least to meet regulatory and compliance costs, is propelling innovation in financial services like never before -- and investors are taking notice," said Warren Mead, Global Co-Leader, KPMG Fintech practice, KPMG International, and Head of Challenger Banks, KPMG in the UK quoted by Canadian News Wire. "Notwithstanding the investment pullback in Q4 2015, we expect the larger fintech investment trend to continue."

Nevertheless, Europe is still lag behind North America and Asia. United States was leading and booking 351 deals worth $7.4 billion, while funding in Asia topped $4.5 billion with 130 deals. Funding in US hit a 72% rise, while Asia had a quadruple increase.

Meanwhile investment diminished in the fourth quarter, as intense volatility and uncertainty upset the investors. However KPMG and CB Insights predicted the decline will last for short time.

"This drop was likely a reflection of growing caution across all areas of VC investment, rather than a concern with fintech in particular," the report said as Bloomberg quoted. "While caution is expected to continue to be a trend over the next few quarters, fintech interest is not likely to be held back for long."

Bloomberg also suggested the fintech companies to stay private as long as they can. As shares of fintech companies such as LendingClub Corp. and On Deck Capital, Inc. have dropped more than 40% since their IPO. While LoanDepot also decided to postpone its initial public offerings.

Global venture capital funding for financial technology companies hit $13.8 billion last year. A growing interest from corporations to financial technology companies, indicates a serious impact of fintech will caused to financial service industry.

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