Amazon Removes Venmo as Payment Method, Causing PayPal Shares to Drop

Amazon has informed its users that it will stop accepting Venmo as a payment method starting January 10.

Trading on Terror? Israel Investigates Claims Some Traders Knew Hamas' Attack Plan and Profited off It

Authorities in Israel are currently investigating unusual trading activities that occurred just days before the October 7 Hamas attack...

Nurp: Unleashing Financial Growth Through a Unique Lifestyle Philosophy

A trailblazer in the domain of financial growth and independence, Nurp has evolved into a philosophy shaping a distinctive way of life. Conceived by Jeff Sekinger, Nurp embodies the ethos of breaking ..

Swiss Bank Banque Pictet Admits to Conspiring With US Taxpayers to Hide Over $5.6 Billion From IRS

Swiss bank Banque Pictet has acknowledged its involvement in a conspiracy with US taxpayers to conceal over $5.6 billion from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)...

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Glencore Plc signs loans to refinance credit facility
Glencore signed new loan commitments of $8.45 billion revolving credit facility. The company took on the new liabilities when it was already struggling to pay off its existing debt of $30 billion. Des
Plus500 Grew Its Revenue Despite a Hard Year in 2015
Plus500 booked an increase in total revenue for 2015 to $275.6 million, despite facing a dificult year. Increase of compliance cost and failed merger with Playtech has disturb the company's operation
Venture Capital Investment in Grand Rapids Hits a Record High
Grand Rapids, Michigan mark the highest record in venture capital investment in 2015. A venture capital firm based in the largest city of West Michigan scored a 20% increase from previous year.
China Plan to Allocate $61.4 Billion For Infrastructure Development In the Q1 of 2016
China is planning to put more budget in infrastructure. The country's planning agency expects to boost spending and increase investment to maintain 7% annual economic growth as last year.
India exports drop for its 14th consecutive months
India's exports fell 13.6 percent from January a year ago and it has been dropping for 14 consecutive months, while imports contracted 11.01 percent. However, the Reserve Bank of India will not devalu
Anglo American Plc Announced to Sell Its Share in Kumba Iron Ore
One of the world's biggest mining company Anglo American Plc announced to sell its share in Kumba Iron Ore on Tuesday. The South African multinational company has suffered loss in its full-year perfor
Precautions and Solutions in Selling Business Assets
To secure assets from a company sale, there are two main things that one needs to do: make sure the business entity of the company is preferable for private assets protections and put the said assets
National Australia Bank posts 8% increase in Q1 cash profit
National Australia Bank posted an 8% increase in its quarterly cash profit helped by robust results in wealth sector and rise in lending volumes.
R-Squared investment firm ups position in Russian ruble
R-Square Macro Management is increasing its exposure to Russian currency Ruble. It's hoping on rebound in Ruble as it fell 37 percent from the recent high in 2015. Some asset managers scaled back thei
Philippines' San Miguel Corporation to Sell Bonds To Retail Investors
The Philippines' largest company, San Miguel Corporation will sell bond to small investors. The company is aiming to cut dollar-denominated debt and protect its earnings.
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