Arro Social: Blockchain Security, Compensation, and a 'Buy Us If You Like Us' Approach

By David Thompson

Dec 12, 2023 02:02 AM EST

Arro Social(Arro Social) (Credit: Getty Image)

Giants like Facebook and YouTube have long dominated the social media landscape, while its content creators face increasing challenges, including limited monetization opportunities, censored content, and arbitrary rule enforcement. Philip Simpkins, Founder and CEO of Arro Social, has created a blockchain-based social media that will empower content creators with ownership of their content on a value-based platform.

In contrast to major platforms, content creators will retain the lion's share of revenue. Phil explains, "We wanted to create a platform that allows the content creators to make money again, to profit from the great work they're doing and all their capabilities. And we wanted to right all these wrongs that we saw. So on Arro Social, you will always own your content."

Arro Social seeks to have a community-driven platform by giving back up to 70% of advertising revenue back to the creators of the content. "We've been able to get some money from advertisers, and it goes back to the content creators on an amazing blockchain platform, as well as ERC 20 token that's available for sale on the Ethereum platform."

Phil acknowledges the current low token value but sees an opportunity for users to purchase more tokens during such periods, leveraging community-driven pricing. This unique approach aligns Arro Social's community interests with the token's value, enhancing user trust and engagement.

"When we started our business, using Ethereum (a digital currency) was cheaper. It costs less to make transactions. Recently, the prices for Ethereum have decreased, making it more affordable again. For instance, it's now less than a dollar. Looking ahead, we're thinking about creating our own network and our own digital currency (cryptocurrency). We'll use this new currency when it makes sense for our business and when we can make sure it's secure."

Blockchain technology is pivotal in Arro Social's commitment to enhancing community trust and improving security. By using Ethereum's blockchain, the platform ensures transparency, availability, and robust security systems.

'Buy Us If You Like Us' Approach

Arro Social's business model revolves around a refreshing philosophy—"buy us if you like us." The platform emphasizes the importance of building value and trust, encouraging users to invest in tokens based on the demonstrated capabilities and benefits of the platform. This approach fosters a sense of community ownership and commitment. Phil adds, "The way I have made my money is by buying a product that I believe in. Right?"

"So we've seen like 20 social networks come and go. And so that's been a curse in our mind. They pop up, take the money and run. We don't operate that way. We have built our product, shown the world what our product does, and then shown our proof of concept. Now we ask that everybody believe the evidence."

But Phil and Arro Social aren't asking users and advertisers to "blindly believe." The platform offers users a free chance to experience the product and encourages them to invest through token purchases if they find value. "Creators can use it for free and then ask for advertising. We do business by showing what we can do and building more value." The proof that the way Arro Social is doing business is working is that "We have received investments, and we've been able to make over $460,000 in sales."

Arro Social takes a proactive approach to address market risks by prioritizing user trust, leveraging blockchain technology for security, and embracing a community-driven token value. The platform's unique features, commitment to content creators, and strategic growth plans make it a competitive player in the evolving blockchain-based social media. As Arro Social continues to innovate and expand, it remains dedicated to reshaping the social media market to benefit its community of users and content creators.

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