Bitcoin Mining Companies to Invest in AI After Drop in Revenues

Bitcoin miners are adapting to reduced revenues post-halving by investing in innovative solutions, while some are also exploring opportunities in artificial intelligence.

What Empower Finance's Acquisition of Petal Means for Cardholders

Empower Finance acquires Petal, merging strengths for cardholders. Potential access to Empower's financial tools may come with subscription fees...

Trump Media Provides Short-Selling Prevention Tips Following DJT Stock Price Decline

After a 63% decrease in DJT's share value, Trump Media has advised shareholders on protecting their stocks from short selling, with detailed instructions now available on their FAQ page...

Tech Giants Gear Up for Earnings Showdown; Investors Await if AI Strategies Turned Into Profits

Tech giants, including Apple, Microsoft, and Nvidia, are up for earnings showdown season, with Generative AI taking center stage as companies aim to translate AI investments into tangible profits...

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US Fed action seemingly widens rate for T-bonds
The national treasurer had traced an undersubscription because of the risks related to rate hike. He said that there is a heightened uncertainly. This resulted an uncertainty of the prospective U.S. F
Religious Sectors Lose Confidence Over Wells Fargo
A group of religious sectors had filed a shared resolution against Wells Fargo.
Germany's Gabriel Pushes More Investments; Advises Tax Cuts Caution
Sigmar Gabriel, the economy minister of Germany urged the government to put up more investments. He stressed out that there should be more schools to be put up, infrastructures such as road as well as
General Electric Eyes on Investing $150 Million in Nigeria
U.S. industrial firm General Electric (GE.N) plans to invest around $150 million in Nigeria by 2017
Blackberry will not Produce Anymore
BlackBerry's fame has come to an end.The Canadian company who introduced us the smartphone had stopped its race without reaching the finishing line.
China and Hong Kong Indexes Retracted Following Latest Economic Data
China's stock market slipped on Friday, as the country reported the economic growth is in accordance with analysts prediction. While investors expected a stronger result.
BlackRock reports 20% decline in Q1 net income
BlackRock on Thursday announced a 20% fall in its earnings for the first quarter that ended March 31, 2016. The company registered a restructuring cost of $76 million in the current period with regard
Financial Sector Led Rally in Wall Street as Global Stocks Peaked to Highest Level
Wall Streel indexes continued to stay in positive territory as financial sector was catching up. Global stock market responded and climbing to the highest level in 2016.
IMF and World Bank Started Annual Spring Meeting To Discuss Global Economy
Leaders of the world's economy began their regular meeting on Thursday discussing necessary steps to boost growth and consumption. While G20 also held a meeting with similar agenda.
The U.S. Court Allowed Argentina to Sell Bonds in Global Market
The U.S. Court of Appeals on Wednesday cleared Argentina to sell $15 billion bonds in the market. The country expects to issue the bonds within this week.
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