Naieel Technology: Developing Essential Nanomaterials to Fuel Fundamental Advancements in AI, Batteries, and Beyond

Without advancements in nanomaterial production, the potential for progress and benefits across various industries is limited, thereby resulting in reduced innovation in materials science, slower advancements in electronics and energy storage, and missed opportunities in medical and environmental applications. Fortunately, Naieel Technology is at the forefront of developing these essential and advanced nanomaterials.

Why are Oil Companies Thriving During Joe Biden's Term? Here's What Charges Oil & Gas Industry Profits

Why are oil companies raking hundreds of billions during Joe Biden's term? Is POTUS to blame? Here are the latest details...

Oil Prices Expected to Hit $86 in Q3 Due to Increased Summer Fuel Demand

Oil prices surged as Goldman Sachs predicted a supply deficit due to summer demand, aiming for Brent crude to hit $86 per barrel despite OPEC+ production increase...

Malaysia Overhauls Long-Standing Fuel Subsidies, Leading to Over 50% Hike in Diesel Prices

Diesel prices in Malaysia rose about 50% on June 10 due to the government's revised approach to fuel subsidies to cut spending and save billions of ringgit...

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Germany’s Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank Assets Seized by Russian Court Over Gas Facility Contsruction Dispute
Two German banks in Russia had their assets seized by the court over a Baltic Sea gas project construction issue.
Gas Prices Are Predicted to Increase This Summer, With an Average of $3.70 per Gallon
Gas prices are expected to rise by about $0.10 per gallon this summer due to decreased refinery capacity and higher refining costs, with the average price projected to be around $3.70 per gallon.
Average Gas Price Hits $3.61 per Gallon and Will Keep Rising Despite Inflation Ease
Gasoline prices surged in April, driving up consumer prices, while overall inflation eased; the national average for gas stood at $3.61 per gallon on Wednesday, down $0.02 from the previous month but
Anglo American Announces Plans to Leave Diamond, Platinum, Coal Mining to Avoid BHP Acquisition Plans
Anglo American decided on abandoning its diamond, platinum, and coal operations in order to realign its operations on nickel and avoid acquisitions offered by BHP Group.
Joe Biden Signs Law Banning Uranium Imports From Russia to Revive America's Nuclear Fuel Industry
President Joe Biden has signed a bipartisan bill that bans imports of enriched uranium from Russia. Uranium is the fuel most used by nuclear power plants.
Chinese Companies Dominate Licensing Bids to Explore Iraq Oil and Gas Fields as US Snubs Energy Bidding Round
Chinese companies won five more bids to explore and develop oil and gas fields in Iraq.
UK Government Abandons Hydrogen Town Pilot Amid Heating Decarbonization Efforts
The UK government canceled a crucial hydrogen town pilot, which damaged plans for hydrogen heating systems and raised questions about decarbonization strategies.
Enerplus Misses Q1 2024 Profit Targets While Processing Acquisition by Chord
Canadian oil and energy company Enerplus reported an 18.6% revenue loss for its Q1 2024 report compared to figures at the same period last year.
Shell to Sell Oil Refineries and Chemical Assets in Singapore for Less Than $1 Billion
Shell's Singapore oil refinery and chemical assets will be sold to a Glencore-led joint venture with a purchase sale of below $1 billion, following agreements in place for continued collaboration and
Global Fuel Consumption Might Drop in 2024, Experts Say
Global gasoline demand growth may half in 2024 due to a return to normal consumption after COVID-19 and a shift to electric cars in China and the US.
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