Naieel Technology: Developing Essential Nanomaterials to Fuel Fundamental Advancements in AI, Batteries, and Beyond

Without advancements in nanomaterial production, the potential for progress and benefits across various industries is limited, thereby resulting in reduced innovation in materials science, slower advancements in electronics and energy storage, and missed opportunities in medical and environmental applications. Fortunately, Naieel Technology is at the forefront of developing these essential and advanced nanomaterials.

Why are Oil Companies Thriving During Joe Biden's Term? Here's What Charges Oil & Gas Industry Profits

Why are oil companies raking hundreds of billions during Joe Biden's term? Is POTUS to blame? Here are the latest details...

Oil Prices Expected to Hit $86 in Q3 Due to Increased Summer Fuel Demand

Oil prices surged as Goldman Sachs predicted a supply deficit due to summer demand, aiming for Brent crude to hit $86 per barrel despite OPEC+ production increase...

Malaysia Overhauls Long-Standing Fuel Subsidies, Leading to Over 50% Hike in Diesel Prices

Diesel prices in Malaysia rose about 50% on June 10 due to the government's revised approach to fuel subsidies to cut spending and save billions of ringgit...

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Saudi Arabia regains top oil exporter status to China
Surpassing Russia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has regained its lost status as top oil exporter to China in January 2016. However, China's oil imports eased during the month, while Russia suffer
GasBuddy Debuts in Australia
GasBuddy has been introduced today in Australia where it runs in the US since 2004. GasBuddy users just need to submit their seen petrol prices at gas station and they will have the chance to win $100
GazProm Takes $2.17 Billion Loan From China
Russian energy company GazProm signed a loan agreement with Bank of China on Thursday. GazProm borrowed €2 billion ($2.17 billion) on a 5-year term
Billionnaire Investor Carl Icahn Posted His Worst Loss Since 2008
Activist investor Carl Icahn on Monday reported a loss of $1.7 billion investment in 2015. This was a 18% down from previous year.
US Fed sees economic activity slowdown in some districts
According to a latest 'Beige Book' from US Federal Reserve, economic activity in some districts has been slowing down, while some recorded modest growth in labor market. The latest financial market cr
Department of Energy's ARPA-E Program Announced a Total of $1.3 Billion in Grants in Five Years
During five years, the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program has invested in hundreds of projects for a total of $1.3 billion. The agency is still pushing forward to improve its funding system to help
D.C. Regulators Dump Exelon-Pepco $6.8 Billion Deal
It's been almost a year since Exelon and Pepco announced their possible merger. Both companies are now facing difficulties as they need to comply with new conditions the district imposed. They have t
Hedge fund investor Paul Singer wins 13-year battle with Argentina
The legal battle running for 13 years between hedge fund investor Paul Singer and Argentina is over as both the parties have reached to an agreement. Singer's Elliott Management will get $4.65 billion
Canada Among The Weakest Performers In The Clean Energy Sector In 2015
Global investment in the clean energy sector has been increasing year by year. However, Canada’s clean energy investment has been plunged by 46% in 2015 compared to the previous year. Canadian governm
China to lay off 6 million state workers
China has decided to layoff millions of workers from 'zombie enterprises' in the next two to three years. For relocating retrenched workers, the government will spend Yuan 100 billion ($15.27 billion)
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