Walmart Signs $2.3 Billion Deal With Vizio To Expand Advertising Business

This year, the advertising business is Walmart's priority as they sign a billion-dollar deal with Vizio to tap into more audiences.

Warren Buffett-Backed Capital One to Buy Discover Financial in $35 Billion Deal

Warren Buffett-backed Capital One is set to acquire US credit card issuer Discover Financial Services in an all-stock deal valued at $35.3 billion...

Polymetal International Sells Its Russian Assets to Siberian Gold Miner for Nearly $3.7 Billion

Polymetal International announced on Monday that it agreed to sell its Russian assets to a Siberian gold miner for approximately $3.7 billion...

London Stock Exchange Group Plans to Increase CEO Pay

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is considering doubling CEO maximum pay amid concerns on UK firms' US listings and competition from high-paying American tech companies...

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