OpenAI Buys Rockset, Integrates Team and Tech to Improve Enterprise Data Accessibility

By Madz Dizon

Jun 25, 2024 12:42 AM EDT

OpenAI Buys Rockset, Integrates Team and Tech to Improve Enterprise Data Accessibility
A photo taken on October 4, 2023 in Manta, near Turin, shows a smartphone displaying the logo of the artificial intelligence OpenAI research laboratory.
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OpenAI is in the process of acquiring both the technology and the entire team of Rockset.

With the integration, enterprise data will be more accessible and user-friendly for business users and developers who are subscribed to OpenAI's services. 

OpenAI Enhances Data Access with Rockset Integration

This can be achieved using Rockset's advanced technology, which enables efficient search, collection, and indexing of data. Real-time access to data is also available.

OpenAI has stated that the acquisition will provide developers with new opportunities to create applications with enhanced intelligence. 

"Rockset's infrastructure empowers companies to transform their data into valuable insights," stated Brad Lightcap, COO at OpenAI.

With the acquisition, OpenAI now has a chance to explore and develop a practical application for AI in the business world, TechZine reported. 

That adds an intriguing element to the acquisition from a financial standpoint. Many AI companies face challenges in this area due to the lack of clear strategies for monetizing AI tools.

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OpenAI's Multi Deal 

Similar to the Rockset acquisition, the Multi deal appears to align with OpenAI's recent focus on investing significantly in enterprise solutions. 

According to TechCrunch, OpenAI recently disclosed that the corporate tier of its popular AI-powered chatbot platform, ChatGPT, boasted an impressive user base of nearly 600,000, with a significant 93% representation from Fortune 500 companies.

In May, OpenAI entered into a partnership with PwC to distribute OpenAI's tools to other businesses. In the previous month, the company introduced a program focused on custom AI model tuning and consulting for businesses.

According to The Information, it seems that the enterprise purchases are yielding positive results, as OpenAI is projected to generate over $3.4 billion in revenue this year.

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