Obama Cancels Pacific Trade Deal

Obama and his administration is all set that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will no longer exist or prosper.

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IMAX Funds VR Branding With $50 Million

With the growing demand for technology innovation nowadays, IMAX is on its way to fund the popularization of virtual reality in the limelight.

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On Trump's Victory: Hedge-Fund Manager Tilson Sells Stocks

On the morning of Wednesday morning, after Republican’s bet Donald Trump won his way to the White House, stocks made a huge comeback rally following the near-800-point plunge late Tuesday night in pre-market futures trading for a possibility of a Trump victory.

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University of Georgia Sets New Record For Fund-Raising Campaign

Last Thursday, Tate Student Center’s biggest room was filled with more than a thousand people after University of Georgia formally publicize its fund-raising campaign.

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India-Japan Nuclear As A Risky Deal

Japan's PM Abe and India's premier Modi are set to seal a civilian nuclear cooperation deal, allowing exports of crucial Japanese technology to India. But concerns remain about India's nuclear non-proliferation status.

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RA Dickey Signs In Another Atlanta Braves Deal

Atlanta has once again opened its door for RA Dickey for another contract.

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Yahoo Warns Verizon Of A Possible Deal Walk-Out

Yahoo believes that it has still value so it does not have to go down with Verizon.

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Trump Policies May Spice In Some New Sets Of Fresh Deals

As Trump becomes the president-elect, new waves of deals are paving the way.

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Iran Violates Nuclear Deal Limitation; UN To Investigate

UN will investigate the Iran violation of the Nuclear Deal.

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Uber To Release A New App For Lifestyle Tracking

Uber is known for accurately delivering people from point A to point B with less of a hassle. Now, the app has upgraded and is now aiming to make itself an essential part of the users’ kind of living.

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New App Enables Singaporeans To Buy Products From Bangkok

Shopaholics in Singapore can now get ease with the burden of traffic and large crowd as a new app allows them to have a hassle-free Bangkok shopping experience.

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Kuwait Is Determined To Enhance Communications And IT Sectors

Kuwait is very keen on developing its Communications And IT Sectors.

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Liberty Media Heightens Investment To $13M For F1

Liberty media has just raised its investment to a shining $13M.

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LeEco Cash Crunch Sets Clouf For Vizio Deal

LeEco's attempt of trade with vizio is in question right now for the recent no-so-good financial reports.

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Paris Climate Deal Is Now A Law

Really focusing on the alarming effects of climate change, Paris climate deal tends to be a law.

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