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iPad Air 3 Release: iOS 9, Localized Siri, 4GB RAM Specs Expected this September

March 18
4:17 AM 2015

There had been many reports spreading across the web and social media regarding the release of the iPad Air 3. Many would claim that it would be the slimmest iPad ever while others would claim that the device would run with an iOS 9.

Since the iPad Air 2 is now the thinnest tablet in the market with a thickness that is half the original iPad Air, the iPad Air 3 might be trimmed down as well. However, according to MacWorld, Apple should stick with the thinness of the iPad Air 2. There would be no further sense to trim down the thinness since that would give an impression of fragility to the upcoming iPad Air 3.

The iPad Air 3 will be a huge leap from the specs of the iPad Air 2. Apple's new device will be sporting a 4GB RAM which would increase the memory capacity of the device.  Another feature of the device is that it will no longer run on iOS 8 but on the brand new and soon to be released this year OS, the iOS 9. Yes, it does seem a bit early to be talking about the iOS 9 since the iOS 8 is only a weeks old but the new OS would surely bring an innovation to the iPad Air 3.

Talking about innovation, the iPad Air 3 will handle amazing features courtesy of the iOS 9. Some of these features include the localized Siri (which will function even without internet connection), the multi-user account feature, and the Multi-tasking feature (which would enable you to work on two apps at the same time). The iPad Air 3 would also be most likely retaining some features of the iPad Air 2 like Apple Pay.

The iPad Air 3 is expected to be released as early as September or October of this year. That is if Apple will still follow their gadget release pattern. Rest assured, the iPad Air 3 will definitely be one of the greatest devices that the Apple Incorporated will bring to the market. 

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