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"No Man's Sky" Might Be Hitting the PS4 in June 2015- And It'll Take You 585 Billion Years to Complete It

October 25
7:02 AM 2014

The buzz around "No Man's Sky" is enormous- the game doesn't even have a release date yet and, somehow, the entire gaming world is ready to take on this space exploration adventure.

"No Man's Sky" might remind you of "Spore"- in that the player can explore infinite amounts of planets in space, all with their own ecosystems and inventive, procedurally-generated surroundings. The only difference being that "Spore" was kind of a disappointment, while "No Man's Sky" has the potential to be so much more.

And hopefully, we'll remember it more fondly than most people do "Spore."

Now, according to KpopStarz, we might just have a release date for "No Man's Sky." They're claiming that the game's Playstation 4 release date is sometime in June of 2015; however they're quick to add that the game's release date on Xbox One is still up in the air.

And now for something to make that wait even more difficult- according to Techno Buffalo, the game is so massive that it would take so much time to beat that a single player couldn't do it in one lifetime.

Or one hundred lifetimes.

Or one million lifetimes.


They're getting their info from a Tweet from the official Playstation Twitter account, which claims the following ridiculous stat:

"It'll take us 585 billion years to discover every planet in No Man's Sky on PS4"

Considering most games tend to boast if they've got more than 15 hours of gameplay, 585 billion years' worth puts basically every other game in existence to shame.

Let's hope that release date comes sooner rather than later-we'll barely have one lifetime to play as much "No Man's Sky" as possible.

Check back soon for the latest news on "No Man's Sky," its release date and its several billion hours of gameplay.

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