Moto X challenges Apple-Samsung duopoly

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Aug 01, 2013 12:29 PM EDT

It seemed that, when push comes to shove, the smartphone market was down to two big players only: Apple vs. Samsung. However, the upcoming smartphone from Google's Motorola, the Moto X, could be a strong contender in the market to topple the Apple-Samsung duopoly.

According to data gathered by IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, Samsung was the big brand with the biggest share of the pie, with 30.4% share in the smartphone market as of Q2 2013. Apple followed behind with 13.1%. Next came LG, Lenovo, ZTE, and Others with 5.1%, 4.7%, 4.2%, and 42.4%, respectively.

Analysts from Goldman Sachs seemed to think that the Moto X has a chance to make a dent in the Apple-Samsung-dominated market. The key, they said, was that the Moto X was a mid-range device with unique features that the two tech giants will not be able to match.

"If the Moto X were to enjoy success it could narrow competitive gap [sic] between Samsung Electronics and Moto X," the analysts wrote. "Google's Motorola strategy clearly has the potential to make it an even more formidable competitor for Apple over time," they added.

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