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US major banks amass cash by rejecting US Treasuries in light of taper risk

Data gathered by the US Federal Reserve showed a decline of over USD80 billion in nanks' holdings in federal agency bonds and Treasuries, marking its first annual decline since 2007.

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Nanex's charts threaten US trading on market regulation

According to a report by Bloomberg, the charts produced by market-data provider Nanex LLC caused the ire of some traders, who insisted that Nanex's charts caused unnecessary investor anxiety.

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Green Dot Corp to buy GE Capital's Wal-Mart debit cards

California-based Green Dot Corp. intends to buy GE Capital's Wal-Mart branded prepaid debit cards. The deal will bring in over USD276 million in total deposits to Green Dot's bank in Utah.

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US Fed Reserve's bond-buying program only benefits the rich - report

Economic data obtained by International Business Times revealed that the USD80 billion bond-buying program of the US Federal Reserve had only benefited those who can afford to hold on to their investments.

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Bitcoin gains momentum in market, reaches USD700 as US Senate discusses regulation

As the value of the Bitcoin reached a landmark USD700 valuation, The US Senate committee held a hearing with experts, lobbyists and federal regulators to discuss about the potential threats, risks and benefits of virtual currency.

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Second drop this week seen on stock index futures in the US

The securities drop indicated investors' anxiety as they watch out for signs regarding the future US Federal Reserve's bond-buying program from some of its officials next week.

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All eyes on the Fed next week for tapering signs

A Reuters report said a change in the US Federal Reserve's bond-buying program might come out from its officials as several of them, including vice chair Janet Yellen, would have speaking engagements next week.

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Yellen to defend Fed's bond-buying program at US Senate

Although US Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen would be getting a backlash in the Senate due to her employer's bond-buying program, Louisiana Republican David Vitter was confident Yellen would replace Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

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Spike in US consumer prices seen in September

The Labor Department of the US released data indicating that consumer prices had slightly rose, but did not affect inflation in the US.

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Benign inflation and weak labor market dictates Fed course on bond purchases

The US Federal Reserve would be making changes in its asset-buying program should a significant shift in the labor market and inflation would be seen.

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US Fed Reserve require stress tests on banks

Several banks required to undergo Fed Reserve stress tests to determine capacity of capital cushions on hypothetical adverse conditions.

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Housing sector growth slows, borrowing costs jump due to effects from US government shutdown

Analysts who were quoted at Reuters anticipated the effects stemming from the US Federal Reserve's moves after the government shutdown.

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Analysts see no changes to Fed monetary policy- report

A Reuters report said analysts did not see the US Federal Reserve making any dramatic policy changes any time soon.

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Asia's stocks fall after Feds tapers bets

Significant drops in stocks took place in Asia after the U.S. Federal Reserve Board pared economic stimulus.

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US stocks fall as Federal Reserve retains bond buying program

The Federal Reserve announcement that it would continue with its monthly bond purchases caused US stocks to drop.

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