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Philippine central bank governor Amando Tetangco says policy rate changes not the best response to US taper

According to Central Bank of the Philippines Governor Amando Tetangco, the policy of increasing rates to cope with volatile currencies set in place by fellow emerging markets would be more harmful, the Financial Times reported.

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Report gives reasons why emerging market economies are in turmoil this week

This week, emerging market economies were battered. A report written on Bloomberg View by its editors gives the reasons why this has happened and what can be done about it.

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Next Federal Reserve taper could come around January 28- WSJ

The Federal Reserve is optimistic that the US economy will grow strong this year and is expected to announce the next reduction of its bond-buying program on January 28-29, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Fed's taper could start reforms in emerging markets - report

Countries in emerging markets like Turkey and India should see the bright side of the tapering of the $85 billion-a-month money-printing program by the US Federal Reserve this month, according to a Reuters report.

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Gold, silver, rallies after worse year for precious metals

Despite recording huge losses in 2013, gold and silver investments are seen increasing, and analysts attributed these to the improving major economies, including the US.

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Asia will weather effect of Fed Tapering - ADB President

Asian Development Bank President Takehiko Nakao expressed his confidence about Asia's economy should US Federal Reserve proceed with its plans to reduce its quantitative easing program.

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Gold set to incur its biggest yearly loss in 30 years - report

A report on Arabian Business read that gold will be recording its lowest annual plunge since three decades ago due to combined pressure from the monetary stimulus easing of the US Federal Reserve.

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Markets are prepared for Fed tapering- FT

As talk about the US Federal Reserve tapering grows, a Financial Times report said markets are now more prepared should a reduction in asset purchases actually become a reality.

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Treasury ownership by China to hit new record as Fed taper delays

China's holdings in US Treasury securities were seen increasing to a figure nearing $1.314 trillion it last hit in July 2011 as the world awaits for the decision of the US Federal Reserve to taper its $85 billion monthly purchases, said a Bloomberg report.

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Gold rises in third consecutive day as investors await Fed stimulus taper decision

As investors await for the decision of the US Federal Reserve to the timeline when it will begin with its tapering of its monthly bond purchases, prices of gold and other minerals saw increases in the financial markets.

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2014 poised to be the year of Bitcoin, property, and other asset bubbles - report

Some industry observers believed excess liquidity spurred by central banks' economic monetary policies could result to asset bubbles in niche markets by year 2014.

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Stanley Fischer as Fed vice chair is financial markets' gain - report

A report by former investment banker and Wall Street observer Robert Lenzner highlighted the points why financial markets should welcome the appointment of a conservative and experienced economist like Stanley Fischer a vice chair of the US Federal Reserve.

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Volcker rule scrutinizes proprietary trading businesses

Major banks on Wall Street are extremely anxious about the threat of the final deliberations of the Volcker rule, of which its provisions regarding the definition and exemption of market-making is set to be deliberated soon.

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Bets by hedge funds are bullish since 2007 - report

Recent data by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission indicated that hedge funds are the least bullish about their bets in gold despite strong US economic data.

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US Fed policy only enriches private equity and not companies, American people - report

A report cited an example on how private equity had benefited greatly from US Federal Reserve's quantitative easing policy instead of the monetary policy's true beneficiaries - US companies and the American people.

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