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There is still compelling case to invest in the US- FT

Although many believe that the US has started to lose its power and influence because of stagnating economy, a Financial Times report believes that compelling evidence abounds that refute this claim.

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Post shutdown, US businesses boost economy

Employment, salaries, automotive and other industries grow after the sixteen day US government furlough.

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Analysts see no changes to Fed monetary policy- report

A Reuters report said analysts did not see the US Federal Reserve making any dramatic policy changes any time soon.

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Budget deficits a second order problem- Summers

American economist Lawrence Summers said policy makers should focus on growth strategies rather than debate on issues about the budget deficit.

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Budget impasse and debt crisis may form into economic superstorm

With Congress working feverishly, the current budget impasse and the debt ceiling may become an economic superstorm.

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Capital is not US economy's savior - article

According to an article for Reuters, the banks' notion of capital being the US economy's savior was a farce.

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Occupy Wall Street marks second anniversary

Populist movement Occupy Wall Street had marked its second anniversary through a planned march the United Nations office and a protest near the New York Stock Exchange.

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Markit: US factory activities to increase in August

Markit, a financial data company, said that the US factory activities increased by 53.9% which was its best rise since March.

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Increase in retail sales sign of better US economy

Retail sales in the US rose in July, signifying better times for the US economy.

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