Researchers on Cardiovascular Using Smartphone

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicie said that a phone app can help our cardiovascular to work well.

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Lifestyle Check Reveals Germs People Are Getting From Smartphones

By analyzing some molecules and other factors, researchers found out that smartphone is producing tremendous germs for mankind.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Second Replacement Explodes

After assuring the safety of their replacement units of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has yet to face another dilemma as their second replacement of the said unit has recently caught fire in the United States.

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Google Fires Up Competition With Iphone

The roster of Google’s newest releases includes a powerful line of phones, a virtual reality headset, and a much improved Google Chromecast. However, the star of the show was their new smartphone, the Google Pixel. Will they raise the standards of the smartphone playing field after this?

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India's Former Famous Smartphone, Micromax Now Scrabbles

Micromax has been the popular smartphone company in India but with the introduction of other cheaper smartphones from other companies, Micromax is now struggling to keep pace with its competitors. It is now seeking partnership for expansion to produce television and tablets outside its home country.

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SuperData trims 2016 outlook for Virtual Reality Sales

SuperData Research reduced its 2016 virtual reality revenue outlook by 30%. The company expects to sell 16.8 million mobile VR instruments within 2016 end.

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Samsung Reveals Australian Date and Price for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung has revealed the price of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in Australia as A$1,149 and A$1,249 respectively. Both phones will be available on March 11 and offers pre-sale order on February 26.

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Vodacom's Q3 revenues up 8.7%; sees weaker growth

Vodacom Group Ltd has recorded 8.7 percent growth in third quarter revenues. The South Africa-based mobile phone company is focusing on subscribers and high-speed network expansion. Vodafone is expanding internet services and strengthening its network amid rising domestic competition.

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Amazon introduces Dash Replenishment Program on devices

Amazon introduced the Dash Replenishment service on selected devices. The devices powered by Amazon Dash Replenishment program could enable customers to order everyday fundamentals automatically from Amazon.

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Shanghai Disney Resort ditches MagicBands, to use smartphones for entry, purchase, ride access

Shanghai Disney Resort prefers using smartphones over Magic Bands for entrance, buying merchandise, and accessing rides.

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Chinese Startups Showing Major Innovation and Potential at CES 2016

The Chinese startups showing off their products at CES this year demonstrated the large amount of innovations being created in the country. The companies debuted impressive smartphones, car-smartphone integrations, and giant helicopter-like drones.

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Facebook Messenger: The Killer of the Phone Number

David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products has written a blog post outlining how their Messaging app will eventually end the need for phone numbers. The app has grown in its user base and Marcus sees only more growth in the future.

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Smartphones to become obsolete in 5 years, Artificial intelligence will take over

Swedish telecom expert, Ericsson, has claimed that artificial intelligence will soon become the mode of interaction and communication overpowering smartphone in the next 5 years.

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Are smartphones the new killing machine? Road accidents caused by not-so-smart phone users

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that deadly traffic accidents in the US increased 8.1% over the first six months of this year. The road regulator suggested smartphones and other driving distraction to be the largest cause of traffic fatalities.

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Pope Francis urges Catholics to put down technology at the dinner table

Pope Francis urged Catholics on Wednesday to avoid using smartphones and other technological devices at the dinner table. Mashable reported that Pope Francis told the audiences at the St. Peter's Square in Vatican City to set aside technology when eating meals and talk face-to-face to encourage togetherness and connection, which is very important for a family.

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