Why Your Next Startup Should Be in Healthcare

Healthcare is a system that has seen remarkable growth over the past years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that during January 2019, the number of employees entering the US healthcare service was around 42,000 people .

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Quadria Capital To Use $300 Million Fund To Close Deals In Asia

Quadria Capital, a healthcare focused private equity firm, is in the process of closing out deals in four companies in Southeast Asia. Its investments are mostly on pharmaceutical and healthcare corporations.

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On Trump’s Victory: Drugmakers Jump After Price Concerns Are Relieved

Among the notable gainers in Wednesday’s early exchange are pharmaceutical stocks as Donald Trump’s victory alleviated the worries that a Clinton presidency would be in command on drug prices in the largest market for prescription drugs in the world.

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Healthcare, Technology And Communications Tops Monday Sectors

Just like the past week, the shares of Healthcare companies outperform other sector by 2.2% as of midday Monday.

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Healthcare And Materials Lead Friday Sectors

Scanning over the sectors performing the best as of midday Friday, with an edge of 1.7%, the shares of Healthcare companies outperform other sectors.

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Consumer Products, Healthcare Leads The Tuesday Sectors

The growing demand for Consumer Products, Healthcare sectors to lead for Tuesday.

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Yoga Is A Cure To PTSD, Research Says

With all the news focusing on the 2016 US Presidential Elections, a more alarming story is yet to unfold – the suicide rate among veterans already reached to a shocking 22 veterans per day every day.

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Visium Asset Management facing US regulatory probe

New York-based hedge fund Visium Asset Management is facing probe by the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and Justice Department over its trading and valuation issues. Visium's exposure to healthcare sector is under scanner.

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Online Eye Tests Startup Opternative Received $6 Million in Series A, Aims to Expand and Improve Serivces

A startup offering online eye tests received a $6 million funding in a Series A round to help expand the coverage of its service as well as acquiring more advanced technologies. The company claims that their services are clinically proven and accurate, in addition to being more convenient and affordable.

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Healthcare VR Startup MindMaze Achieve Unicorn Status With $100 Million Fund From an Early Round

MindMaze has secured a total of $100 million funds from an early round led by India’s Hinduja Group. MindMaze, which until now is focusing on developing virtual reality interfaces in the healthcare sector aims to form future contracts and service centers, as well as expanding the technology for other uses in the form of gaming, educational and fitness applications.

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Abbott to acquire Alere for $5.8 billion

Abbott said that it has signed a definitive deal to acquire Alere for a net value of $5.8 billion in cash. Abbott expects the acquisition to be immediately accretive to its earnings per share upon completion.

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What will be the 'Uber of Healthcare'?

The healthcare industry has yet to see a service that could completely change the industry similar to how Uber and Airbnb change their respective industries. Industry professionals give their opinion on what could become the big game-changer for the healthcare industry.

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Pfizer increases its drugs prices including Lyrica and Viagra

Pfizer today confirmed that the company has increased the price of some of its drugs although it was not revealed how many drugs are involved with the price hike. According to a data by Wolters Kluwer which revealed that more than 100 types of drugs has been increased in its price starting on January 1st.

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Federal rule to ban smoking in public housing nationwide

The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Thursday a proposal that would prohibit smoking in public homes nationwide. According to The New York Times, the proposed federal rule would affect 1.2 million public households and would mark the latest move to minimize unwanted exposure to secondhand smoke.

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HTC releases Virtual Reality headset, but would take 3-5 years to take off

HTC Vive will release its virtual reality headset later this year, but only in limited qualities and it will take three to five years before it goes mainstream.

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