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Google Nears 10th Anniversary

Firefox 44: Mozilla Introduced Updated Browser, Allows Push Notifications Even From Unloaded Sites

Mozilla has introduced a new version of its browser on Tuesday that allows push notifications even from unloaded sites. The new feature is super useful for websites like email, weather, social networks and shopping, which are usually frequently browsed for updates. This saves battery life and system resources. Through introducing the updated browser, Mozilla also keeps its earlier commitments, pledged along with other browser makers, for dropping RC4 support in 2016.

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Wearable Tech

Slack Technologies Hires Ex-Foursquare VP To Lead Artificial Inteligence Division

Tech startup Slack Technologies hires Noah Weiss to lead the company's Search, Learning and Intelligence group. This indicates Sack Technologies interest to invest more on artificial intelligence.

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Google Holds Press Event Announcing New Products

Following Hardware Business, Microsoft And Google Find It Hard To Be Like Apple

Microsoft and Google find it difficult to follow Apple. The two companies are starting to produce their own hardware, which unfortunately are still far from what Apple has. Microsoft is criticized for its Surface Book Laptop, while Google has received hard reviews on its Google Pixel C tablet. It seems that Microsoft and Google are following Apple in the hardware business.

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Inside Google Canada's Development Headquarters

Google Deals With HMRC To Pay Back Taxes of £130 Million To The UK, France Probably The Next Claimant

HMRC has been conducting multiyear investigation to unearth Google’s tax dodging events. Though denied earlier, a Google spokesperson has narrated a deal with the Britain’s tax authority to pay taxes of £130 million due for over a decade. The deal is significant since many countries around the globe are conducting scrutiny to ascertain dodged tax amounts of Google and other multinationals. Investigations in accordance with OECD guidelines may also help France to establish its claim for $1 billion as unpaid taxes.

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Facebook Opens Data Center In North Carolina

Social Network Facebook to construct second data center in Ireland

Facebook announced its plan to open the second data center in Clonee, Ireland. By opening the Clonee center, the company is joining a list of companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, which operate some of the European centers in the nation.

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Apple Unveils iPhone 6

Google Reportedly Pays $1 Billion for Apple to Keep Its Search Bar on iOS Devices

In an Oracle court proceedings against Google, it was revealed that the search engine company could be paying Apple at least $1 billion in revenue-shares. The payment was made to keep Google's search bar on Apple devices. A source named the sharing percentage for Apple to be 34 percent, but it's yet to be officially confirmed nor denied.

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Oracle OpenWorld Conference

Google’s Financial Documents Marked ‘Attorney’s Eyes Only’ Leaked By Oracle Attorney

Oracle has been accusing Google for violating copyright law through using Java operating system in Android for long five years. The search engine provider has failed in its earlier bid to derail the case in the US Supreme Court and lawsuit proceeding has resumed in a North Carolina District Court. The database maker’s attorney has placed to Google’s financials to claim a margin from Google’s earnings since its introduction of Androids.

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Google Buys YouTube For $1.65bn

Pakistan remove YouTube ban after the company launched a localized version

YouTube and Pakistani authorities agreed on some unknown terms that give partial power for the government to request the removal of offensive materials. However, the requests will be thoroughly reviewed and being accounted for. Other terms remain unknown.

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General Images of Flipkart As India's Largest Online Retailer Said To Buy Competitor Myntra

Facebook, Google, Amazon’s entrance to India turns country to an 'E-commerce battleground'

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Wealth Management analysts expects India to be the next e-commerce battleground in 2016 as big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are set to conquer the country this year.

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Inside The Google I/O Developers Conference

Google’s Clay Bavor to lead company's newly created virtual reality team

Google’s product management VP, Clay Bavor, is appointed as the head of its newly created virtual reality (VR) computing division, showing that the tech company is now taking aggressive moves in the VR industry.

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Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016

Amazon's Echo Smart Speakers Play Jeopardy Over Voice Commands

Amazon has recently updated its Echo Smart speaker. The added features include playing Jeopardy through voice commands. This trigger word makes the artificially intelligent in built smart speaker to respond and get engaged with question- answer phrases. The updated Echo smart speaker will be charged through docked stations instead of traditional plugging in system round the clock.

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Obama’s Final ‘Meet The YouTube’ Airs on Friday

Unlike six other times, Barack Obama will face an interview for the last time as an incumbent President in YouTube on Friday. This time he will answer the selected questions of a trio, who combined remains ahead of the President himself by a huge margin in terms of subscriptions. During his entire 10 years in the office, he has used technology to publicize behind- the- scene photographs as token of his goodwill gesture.

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Google Cardboard

Google And Facebook Emphasize on VR Projects, Reshuffle Executives

Google has assigned Cardboard famous Clay Bavor as the head of its virtual reality projects. Facebook has also assigned Instagram’s director of product as Head of Product management in its VR subsidiary, Oculus. The concurrent moves have been analyzed as their keenness for reigning over VR market.

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Lenovo Partners Google for AR Smartphone

Lenovo starts its partnership with Google in project Tango. Qualcomm Technologies also work along with both companies in the project.

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk's Open A.I. reached $1 billion funding in hopes to develop Artificial Intelligence

Tesla Motors Inc CEO Elon Musk and other prominent tech company executives raised $1 billion through an initiative called Open A.I. to fund an artificial intelligence research company.

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