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Google's Latest Feature Can Reply To Your Emails

Google has launched a new feature that has the capability to automatically reply to your emails on your behalf. The latest feature named Smart Reply by the Google team uses artificial intelligence to scan the email, understand what it says and come up with three short answers for it. The user can then select one of those three answers and send it as a reply to that particular email with a single tap.

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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, Amazon join $300-bn Market Cap Club

The significant jump in shares of Facebook and Amazon took them into $300-billion club on 4 October. The market capitalization of Facebook soared to $303.6 billion surpassing General Electric's (GE) $299.1 billion.

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Theresa May

U.K. unveils new bill that will allow internet surveillance by the government

Britain has unveiled new surveillance law plans that will allow the police and security services to access the records of internet activity of everyone in the country without any judicial check. The new surveillance powers aimed to keep the country safe.

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Samsung Gear VR

Partners Facebook and Samsung to Launch VR Social Network Experience

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg believed the future of social network is in Virtual Reality. Last year, Facebook acquired Oculus, a VR company. Now they partner with Samsung to make mobile VR experience come to life.

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Tesla hires Google's former VP

Ellon Musk's Tesla Motors Inc. announced that there will be a new Chief Financial Officer in the company as its current CFO, Deepak Ahuja will be retiring this year. According to the announcement, the new CFO is Jason Wheeler, a former CFO for Google.

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James Clapper

American Tech Giants Increasing Partnerships with Chinese Companies Impose Threat to US National Security

More and more United States giant tech companies are partnering with Chinese firms that are connected with the Asian country's military, leading to fears that it may improve Chinese military technological capabilities and could even harm US national security.

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Google’s new app allows people to know if you’re “down” to hangout

Google has launched a new app on Apple's App Store and Google Play Store called "Who's Down". The app allows users to instantly find out which of their friends are available to hang out.

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Internet users

Slack launches private channels for temporary private group chats

Team messaging app Slack is launching new feature on group chat. The new feature makes a user in a group to be able to break into a private discussion with up to eight people, nine including the user.

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Wal-Mart requested approval from FAA for drone use

Wal-Mart had applied to U.S. regulators for the permission to test drones for checking inventories, home delivery, and pickup. Rumors said the company's move is to compete with Amazon's drone delivery.

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Satya Nadella

Microsoft Focus on Cloud Service Raise Its Third Quarter Revenue

Microsoft, a software giant has started to see their new strategy focus is paying off, as they announced their latest quarterly result, last Thursday. Strategy shifting on cloud computing and mobile business has started to deliver a positive result.

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Google Nexus

Australia Welcomes New Nexus Devices from Google

Google's two new Nexus devices are now available for pre-order in Australia Monday from the Google store, and will be widely available on November.

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Apple Pay

JPMorgan Chase is Challenging Apple Pay with Chase Pay

Apple has enjoyed a series of advantages of their innovative mobile payment and digital wallet service with ApplePay. However, Apple and other technology companies which dominated the mobile payment service, is now facing a serious competition from one big financial institution, JPMorgan Chase.

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Google reports earning for the first time being under Alphabet with $18.7 billion revenue, $5 Billion buybacks

B for buyback and E for earningS, these are some of the most appropriate letters for Google's parent company, Alphabet, as it reported Thursday how much it made in the third quarter.

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Alphabet reports an increase in revenue and announces shares buyback plan

Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc recorded a better than expected revenue after its third-quarter report shows that its revenue has increased by 13 percent. The great return report, together with an announcement of buyback for its class C shares had sent the company's share price to break previous resistance to a new high.

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Nexus 6P

Nexus 6P: Google’s New Generation of Android Phablet with Better Size and Price

Google has released a new generation of Android phablet for 2015, The Nexus 6P. Made by Huawei, Nexus 6P offers slimmer and sleeker design, yet lower at price compared to Nexus 6.

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