WSJ report challenges role of private equity in average consumer

Becky Pritchard conducted an investigative report for the Wall Street Journal about how private equity had embedded itself deeply in an average consumer's life.

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Haiyan devastates not only country, but may also affect economy

Typhoon Haiyan's devastation would also lower the growth of the Philippine economy.

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China's Communist leadership meets for future changes in economy

President Xi Jinping and other Communist leaders to meet up for the third plenum of China.

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UAE SMEs to continue hiring pattern for the next six months

In a survey conducted over UAE small and medium enterprises, over 80% would hire more employees in the next six months.

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Too big to fail is not a reason anymore

Banking regulators now are empowered to confiscate and break up a financial institution if bankruptcy would only hurt the economy.

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Shadow banking precursor to another 'Lehman Weekend'

The 'Lehman Weekend' was the height of the financial crisis five years ago and may be repeated if 'shadow banking' would be allowed to continue without regulatory action.

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Obama remembers Lehman Bros collapse and the gains of the US since then

In the fifth year after the so-called 'Great Recession', Obama highlights the gains made by the US economy as a better capitalized and better regulated economy.

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Chinese economy stable, reforms to push through- Premier Li Keqiang

Premier Li Keqiang said the Chinese economy was stable and that reforms would push through as planned.

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Figures point to economic recovery, Fed still likely to ease bond purchases next month- economist

As data showed a recovery in the economy, an economist said the Federal Reserve would most likely stay on its September schedule to start easing its monetary stimulus.

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Hong Kong jobless rate at 3.3% anticipated

The state government of Hong Kong said that the second quarter jobless rate falls within expected estimates.

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Singapore reveals improved social programs

The Singapore government disclosed plans of improving social programs to alleviate economic strains.

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Sources expect Bank of Japan to continue with present monetary policy as economy improves

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) would most likely hold on to its present monetary policy as the Japanese economy shows signs of improvement, sources told Reuters.

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China's Politburo assures growth stability

China's top decision-making body said that it will work to ensure the growth of its economy.

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Chicago's Lollapalooza expects to draw large crowds again

The annual Lollapalooza held in Chicago's Grant Park is one of the most anticipated music festivals in the country.

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No major investments for India's manufacturing sector: survey

The India Manufacturing Barometer survey revealed that manufacturing companies will be holding off on new investments this year.

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