Biotech Accelerator IndieBio Is Convincing Investors to Start Paying Attention to Biotech Startups

San Fransisco-based biotech accelerator IndieBio is determined to help biotech startups the way other accelerators have done for IT startups. The firm believes that biotech is a highly important sector to boost the quality of humanity and economy, and is convincing other investors to have the same vision.

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Deflation in steel, other commodities dent Japan's export basket

Japan's exports were badly hit by the steep drop in steel prices and other commodities. The world's third largest economy's exports fell 12.9 percent on the year in January to Yen 5.35 trillion ($47.12 billion), while the imports also fell 18 percent.

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Puerto Rico in troubled waters, stalls debt payments to provide essential services

Puerto Rico has run into deep economic crisis, with its fiscal agent, the Government Development Bank, running out of reserves to cover even essential services. The government is tilting towards holding on to its debt repayments to sustain the island as a going concern, but their plea to creditors and the Congress to bail them out of the crisis is met with resistance on both fronts.

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Auto Worker Unions Seek Slimmer Pay Raises as Japan Economy Stagnates

Japan’s auto workers unions had agreed on slimmer pay raise of 3,000 yen, only half the amount they demanded last year. That would hinder Prime Minister Abe’s determination to put an end to the country’s economy stagnation by boosting domestic growth and reviving exports.

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JP Morgan Predicted a Fall in Profits for Investment Banks This Year

A research conducted by JP Morgan analysts revealed that global investment banks would suffer a fall in profits this year. The fall could differ between regions, but average earnings are estimated to be down by 20 percent and revenues by 21 percent. Challenging economic environment is believed to negatively affect the global investment markets.

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Indonesian Government Will Allow Foreign Capital on More Sectors

The changes are part of the government's economic stimulus package, expected to boost the country's economic growth and create job openings. Indonesia's new regulations on investment would loosen current restrictions on foreign investments in various sectors, including e-commerce, retail and healthcare.

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India would be the fastest-growing economy in 2016 according to UN report

The report estimated India's economic growth to be at 7.3 percent in 2016, and the growth would increase even more in 2017. India is already one of the world's fastest-growing economy last year, benefiting from the sharp decline of oil, metals, and food price.

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Average US rate drops to 3.81%

The major factors such as oil price fall, economy growth concerns and uncertainty in stock markets are keeping more pressure on mortgage rates in the US market. The average US rate on long-term mortgage dropped for three weeks in a row to 3.81 percent. The average rate on 15-year mortgages dropped to 3.10 percent from 3.19 percent.

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Bank of Canada Expected to Cut Rates; Not Many In Support

The Bank of Canada is expected to cut interest rates on Wednesday and not many are favoring the move. Many are worried that the rate cut will damage the already weakened Canadian dollar, among other worries.

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China's Slowdown: Hints of the Brink of a Global Disaster?

China's slowdown has caused negative effects in businesses and countries around the world that financially depend on a large chunk of business with the Asian country. China must transition into a consumer drive economy in order to grow in the future, but the steps necessary to do so are complicating their international partnerships.

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China infuses GBP 14B emergency funds into banking system to bridge gap of cash supply position

Underlining the erupting problem of liquidity crunch in its financial system, the world's second largest economy's central bank the 'People's Bank of China' has released GBP14 billion emergency funds into the domestic banking system to support the cash supply mechanism.

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China central bank official sees downward pressure on economy persisting: paper

Downward pressure on China's economy will persist in the second half of the year as growth in infrastructure spending and exports is unlikely to pick up, a senior central bank official was quoted as saying.

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China economy loses more steam in April, further stimulus on the cards

China's money supply grew at its slowest pace on record and investment growth sank to its lowest in nearly 15 years as April data showed the world's second-largest economy was still losing momentum despite a concentrated burst of policy easing.

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China says employment resilient despite slower economic growth

China said on Friday that urban employment held up in the first quarter even as economic growth slowed to a 6-year low, but the labor ministry warned that authorities cannot be "blindly optimistic" as the pace of job creation is slowing.

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China first-quarter GDP growth seen dipping to 6-year low, more policy stimulus on cards

China's annual economic growth likely slowed to a six-year low of 7 percent in the first quarter as demand at home and abroad faltered, fanning expectations that authorities will have to roll out more policy stimulus to avert a sharper slowdown.

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