Which Donald Trump's Assets Are at Risk If Former President Failed to Pay $454 Bond?

Letitia James's office filed on Thursday judgments in Westchester County, New York, a move indicating preparation for asset seizure if Trump fails to comply with the bond requirement.

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Donald Trump's Assets Will Be Seized If He Fails to Pay $464 Million Bond on Monday

New York AG orders Donald Trump's assets to be seized if he does not pay his $464 million bond judgment by Monday. His lawyers admit that securing the bond is challenging as no insurance company is willing to provide the required amount.

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Panama Papers: Ukrainian President Poroshenko Denied Accusations of Tax Evasion

The Panama Papers documents leak suggest that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko might be using an offshore company to evade tax. However, the president has denied such accusations, saying that he has not been managing the assets since he became president in 2014.

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Biggest Documents Leak in History Ties Vladimir Putin to $2 Billion Offshore Money Trail

The history’s biggest confidential documents leak revealed Russian elites, mostly Mr Putin’s inner circles, as clients of an offshore law firm in Panama. The offshore money trail connected to Mr Putin’s allies is worth $2 billion.

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Silicon Valley Accelerator 500 Startups Allocated $10 Million Fund for Vietnam Startups

500 Startups is seeing a great potential in Vietnam, where more than half of its population are below the age of 30 and most adults are using smartphones. The Silicon Valley-based accelerator is preparing a $10 million investment fund dedicated for Vietnam startups.

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Bitcoin Investment Startup Keza Announced Its iOS App Launch

Bitcoin investment startup Keza announced its iOS app launch, bringing the benefits of investing to more people regardless of their location. The service make use of the universality of Bitcoin to allow people make investments in global portfolios with various options.

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Precautions and Solutions in Selling Business Assets

To secure assets from a company sale, there are two main things that one needs to do: make sure the business entity of the company is preferable for private assets protections and put the said assets in an adequate insurances and retirement accounts.

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AT&T 'intrigued' by Mexico, Latin America : exec

AT&T Inc is "intrigued" by Latin America and especially Mexico and would not rule out an opportunistic deal there even as it seeks to complete its $48.5 billion planned takeover of DirecTV, an AT&T executive said at a conference on Tuesday.

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Northern Beef Packers sets minimum price for assets

Northern Beef Packers, which had filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, sets USD12.75 million minimum bid for its assets.

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Westpac Banking Corp frontrunner for Lloyds Banking Group assets in Australia

In a bid worth AUD1.5 billion, Westpac stands to acquire the asset finance and commercial lending units of Lloyds Banking Group in Australia.

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VTB shares in Rosbank to be sold to Societe Generale

VTB would sell off its shareholdings in Rosbank to Societe Generale and Societe Generale would sell some Russian assets to VTB.

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JP Liquids acquires HPI assets

JP Liquids LLC announced the acquisition of Highway Pipeline Inc's assets through an agreement recently formalized.

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Petrobras divests Colombia assets to raise funds

Petrobras, in a campaign to raise funds for its pre-salt mine exploration, had sold some of its stakes and pipelines in Colombia.

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Edge Products seeks bankruptcy protection

Edge Products, the manufacturer of high quality parts for vehicle manufacturers, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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Agilent Technologies signs agreement to acquire assets from ABCIA

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that it had agreed to an acquisition deal for some assets in ABC Instrumentación Analítica (ABCIA).

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