Back to the moon: NASA-funded study plans to return humans to the Moon

By MoneyTimes

Jul 21, 2015 06:33 AM EDT

A NASA-funded study shows that humans could get back to the moon in the next ten years, and could live there in another ten years.

NexGen Space LLC conducted the study, which was announced during the 46th anniversary of Apollo 11's lunar surface landing.

According to the NASA, humans could return to the moon five to seven years from now, and to stay in the moon by year 2030.

This could be done the same way that NASA resupplies the International Space Station, which is to work with private space companies.

If this is successful, the strategy could be used to send humans to Mars. It could also reduce the cost of establishing human presence in the moon "by a factor of 10."

It is NexGen Space opinion that  planning an expedition on the lunar surface doesn't need authorization from lawmakers, which cuts of spending if NASA continues to work with private space companies like SpaceX, Orbital ATK, and the United Launch Alliance.

Public-private cooperation is the most vital part that will keep the entire operation together. NASA is already saving tons of money with the help of SpaceX, which resupplies the International Space Station. Before, NASA would spend $46,000 to $60,000 per kilogram of supply, now, SpaceX charges as low as $4,750.

"You basically expand free enterprise to the Moon", said NextGen Space principal investigator Charles Miller.

The success of private companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX led to more private organizations getting involved in space travel, which supports efforts of public bodies, including NASA.

This new study brings public-private partnership to a higher level of capitalism - space.

NASA only gets $4 million a year for space travel, which is why there is not much news about the Moon any longer. But because of the commercial monopolies getting lured to the prospects of Moon mine operations, there may be more news about space-related operations in the future.

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