Apple takes a bite at the enterprise segment

By MoneyTimes

Sep 15, 2015 12:39 AM EDT

Apple's collaboration with various tech companies to penetrate the once Windows-dominated IT industry proves that Apple is truly a key player in this enterprise.

Apple recently announced its partnership with Cisco to develop enterprise network tools that will provide a wireless environment that will be friendly for iPhones and iOS devices in the workplace.

According to Venture Beat, Apple will have a strong influence in the multibillion-dollar IT market in the near future. Most IT companies are badly hit by the entrance of personal mobile devices into the workspace. However, Apple's partnership with Cisco and IBM emphasizes how deep Apple has penetrated in the IT enterprise.

CIO reported telltale signs that Apple is entering into an enterprise position. According to the report, the tech giant is transforming its image by developing hardware and accessories designed for professionals with attitude inclined to business and corporate IT.

An example of Apple's move into enterprise is evident on how the new iPad Pro is designed to support business consumers.

"IPad is the clearest expression of our vision of the future of personal computing - a simple, multi-touch case of glass that instantly transforms into virtually anything you want it to be," said Cook. "We're partnering with the world's leading enterprise companies, IBM and Cisco, to redefine and transform the way people work in the enterprise."

Another sign that Apple is moving into the business and enterprise IT is how its senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller invited Microsoft on stage to show the new capabilities of the Office 365 for the iPad Pro. This partnership was once unimaginable. The office software for the iOS will be very beneficial to both the prominent tech companies.

It is clear that Apple's latest iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, and new partnerships are pointing to the direction of serving the IT enterprise.

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