For a timely reservation, Apple Watch introduces the Airbnb app

By MoneyTimes

Sep 08, 2015 08:35 PM EDT

Apple has released a new Apple Watch app that is centered around lightweight communication between hosts and guests.  They can use it to get notifications and read and respond to messages.  Hosts can also receive booking requests right from the watch as reported by

The aim of the app is not limited to giving notification in regards to reservations and trip planning.  It also helps to facilitate contact between the guest and host throughout the whole trip, said Keenan Cummings, Airbnb experience architecture team lead.  This enables the host to regularly keep in touch with the guests giving response and recommendations. 

Cummings together with his team built the iPad application Airbnb that was released six months ago.  They were tasked with determining what Airbnb experience would look like on a watch.  They need to put the application quickly in a short time span. 

The bottom line of the issue was to make sure the experience felt like an Airbnb one while staying simple and true to a lightweight watch proficiency like the ones the team found on a scavenger hunt.  Cummings and his team made Apple Pay as an inspiration for the app's simplicity that Apple watch should have.

Structuring an app like Airbnb should be balanced between pro user features and things that are directly apparent.  Part of it is the creation of a simple introduction to the application which importantly spells out everything that users could do on the app.

"One of this company's strengths is that discipline and simplification, and another one of those company's core values is to be a host," he said. "That comes up in our design - are we being a good host to our users, are we doing what's best for them, are they comfortable with the tone of the product? When it's more abstract and harder to translate, you start to feel in your gut when you're straying away from what's best for the user."

Apple starts selling Apple Watch in late April.  American Airlines, Starwood Hotels, and Expedia were among travel suppliers and intermediaries that made Apple Watch apps available either upon or shortly after the product's launch. 

Airbnb's Apple Watch app allow prospective guests to make booking requests to hosts, who can see the traveler's name and photograph from his or her device.

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