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2K and Firaxis Games Release XCOM 2 in November With New Mobile HQ and Tougher Aliens

August 20
5:19 AM 2015

2K and Firaxis Games will release the much-awaited second installment of XCOM this coming November.  This will just be in time for the holidays, when new games will flood the online gaming market.  Its new pace and features are promising, just exactly what adept gamers of the franchise are expecting.

The following are some of the features and highlights during the XCOM 2 gameplay demo which loyal players of the said game should watch out for.

Set 20 years after the aliens have invaded Earth, the foreign inhabitants established its own government called "Advent Administration" and had built megacities.  Which means, there are more missions to take and aliens to kill for players of XCOM 2.  With their "propaganda" in place, XCOM soldiers must now stand up again for humanity, reveal this sinister plot, and of course, take over Earth.

Its new base will be a salvaged alien mothership called The Avenger.  According to Lazygamer, it seemingly resembles the actual hellicarrier in the Avenger films.  Compared to the former HQ "the ant farm," obviously, this one's more mobile - able to fly off to terrains and alien territories.  And mobility will "allow players to coordinate and launch strike missions around the globe with efficiency - although XCOM 2 will still limit players to a single mission at a time."

Speaking of aliens, they are much harder to beat as they have evolved and become stronger and, surprisingly, now have human allies.  Tougher aliens in XCOM 2 include "aliens dictators, Nazi space monsters. Googly eyed, green-skinned overlords."  According to Stevivor, they might be good-natured (although obviously terrifying-looking) at first, but as the battle gets favorable for the XCOM unit, the nightmarish aliens would resist any opposition at any cost.

With all these in store for XCOM fans, the title Best Tactical Strategy Game might be taken again by this sequel.  It was in 2012 when XCOM last held this title.

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