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Final Fantasy XIV Release Patch 2.57 Notes Changing Several Battle System? Damage Dealt, Maximum HP Reduced for Vishap?

May 13
10:48 AM 2015

Final Fantasy XIV last trial named Steps of Faith was recently introduced to gamers with a "pretty decisive coordination check" plus lesser allowance for gameplay errors. This margin was made possible through the patch 2.57 just launched lately.

According to the official website of Square Enix for the Final Fantasy XIV, these patch 2.57 notes that was released with the next phase of the Echo, which was at the Final Coil of Bahamut, made several changes for the Steps of Faith. From the battle system to the system per se were covered by the patch.

With regards to the Battle System, the increase of strength was made for the Final Coil of Bahamut and at the same time there were adjustments in the Steps of Faith made through Final Fantasy 2.57 patch notes. In details, the strength increase was more of the players' maximum HP plus the damage dealt, including the healing magic potency with 15% of it. So, unlike the other increase made to the strength of the Final Coil of Bahamut, it does not cover everything or the "total party incapacitation."

Furthermore, about the adjustments made for Final Fantasy XIV's Steps of Faith there include the reductions of the maximum HP and the damage dealt by certain enemies in the Final Fantasy XIV gameplay. This reduction adjustment covered Vishap's maximum HP that applies the same with the maximum HP of all the enemies. With the damage dealt reduction included both from Vishap's underfoot attack, certain enemies, and Bertha cannons with its explosion damages in particular.

However, these changes, adjustments made by these patch notes did not make any impacts or bearing to the trial's mechanics, as reported. Although Vishap and all his attending dragons may have less health and reduced damage dealt, it will still not make the entire Final Fantasy XIV Steps of Faith simple and less demanding. 

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