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Rockstar Clears Stance on GTA V Mod Ban Issues, Company Open-Minded on Modding But Will Offer No Support

May 5
10:13 AM 2015

Confusion over legitimacy of GTA V's stance on modding created ire between modders and Rockstar after issuing a ban on certain mods even for single player. However, Rockstar went online and started to clearly state what kind of mods are bannable or not.

The issue came when gamers post online their grievances over their accounts suspension after using FoV mods even in single player. This created an uproar in the pc gaming community citing Rockstar's invasive approach to people's private enjoyment of the game. However, Rockstar clarifies this that "cosmetic mods" are not bannable as stated on an email sent by Rockstar to a member of NeoGaf. 

Rockstar support email to NeoGaf's Manujanjo25
(Photo : NeoGaf) Rockstar support email to NeoGaf's Manujanjo25

The main mod that is being suppressed is the FoV or "field of view" mod, which allows the modder to get a better view of one's surroundings, giving unfair advantage in multiplayer. However, the ban was reported to encompass even single player games, which irritated gamers everywhere.

Though Rockstar specifically states its permission of cosmetic mods, they are adamant on its unsupportive stance to modding as they will not help customers resolve game issues unless they uninstall their mods first. The GTA series has long been the center of controversy from the start. The apparent glorification of lawless attitude towards authorities upset a long list of people ranging from parents to politicians. However, Rockstar prevailed and is still a giant company continually creating games that will challenge cultural norms.

GTA V is currently the bestselling open-world game in 2015 and is most like to be for the rest of the year. However, even with such as success. Rockstar will not budge on their snub on modding even if PC games get extended lifespans through mods. The skills of independent modders who takes the pulse of gamers and tweak the game to satisfy their wants is what sets pc games apart from consoles and this is what Rockstar is preventing.

Though the game company will unlikely bend over to the ire of modders, it will reverberate through the gaming world and will incite many to continually poke with the game with or without the Rockstar's consent. 

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