Keanu Reeves reveals release details for ‘Bill and Ted 3’; ‘John Wick 2’ delayed for ‘Bloodshot’ film adaptation according to actor

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May 04, 2015 07:23 AM EDT

Fans who are hyped for the post 1980s hit "Bill and Ted" series might not wait any longer as Keanu Reeves himself revealed that the third installment is coming sooner and they are already looking for writers to pen the script. Reeves also said in an interview that there is now a talk of contracts. Likewise, "The Matrix" star's another movie "John Wick 2," which was reported to be in an early development, is unfortunately not releasing any sooner.

Going back, it was first announced in 2010 that "Bill and Ted 3" is in the works. And after almost five years, the third installment still sits in the same predicament. Thanks to IGN's interview last October and at last, the actor said they are coming closer but didn't leave any further detail.

However, after six months of the said interview, Keanu Reeves spoke to IGN again and this time, more or less left something for the fans of the series to ponder about. "We're a little closer. We're a little closer" he explained. "There's now talk of contracts and maybe paying the writers to go and write. There might be some support for making the picture." Although it can be frustrating for fans, this must be something Reeves would not do in a slapdash fashion, since the first two flicks were a hit in the box office.

The "John Wick" star was also asked what is his favorite between the two films in the series. He enthusiastically responded to IGN: "I think the first three-quarters of Bogus Journey are pretty great. But you can't have that without the first one, right?"

"John Wick 2" Will Not Be Releasing Any Soon Because of "Bloodshot"

And speaking of action thriller film "John Wick," which was released last year, directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski will be delaying its release as they have signed on to film "Bloodshot," the first film in comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment's new shared universe. It's a story of a soldier revived from the dead into an unstoppable killing machine with no memory.

Earlier this year, it was also reported that "John Wick 2" have had an early development, but even so, it's not still going to be out any sooner. The ultimate question here is, when will be the "tentative" release date of "John Wick 2"? Since Leitch and Stahelski are apparently delaying the next installment to direct Sony and Valiant Entertainment's film, and since Sony announced that it was slated to release on 2017 to compete with Marvel's films, it's not currently known when will Reeves' film be out.

For now, let's wait for the word from Keanu Reeves himself and if there will be some adjustments on the schedule of "John Wick 2." Are you excited for the comeback of "Bill and Ted" in the big screen? Well, are you bummed for the delayed shooting of "John Wick 2"? Make sure to share us today your sentiments!

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