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Jodi Arias Latest Updates: Judge allows live coverage of life sentencing; Alexander’s killer to face only 25 years in prison?

April 9
7:38 AM 2015

Jodi Arias looked very innocent during the court hearings, but her look is far more different from what she did to her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The killing was so morbid, the photos of Alexander after the gruesome act would definitely give you nightmares. Hence, it was hard to believe that Arias did that for self-defense. Meanwhile, how is Arias doing? After being saved from death penalty, what are the latest updates about her?

On April 13, the judge will allow a live video coverage showing Jodi Arias' sentencing. However, according to source, this will not be a full blown coverage as there are people who wouldn't want to be seen by the public. The decision will be finally given if Arias will spend her lifetime in prison, or if she can be released after 25 years.

If the latter will happen, then it is expected that a lot of people would question the legal system. In fact, some of those who are following the case wish for Arias to rot inside prison.

Meanwhile, Arias is not doing so well behind bars. It seems that she has the 'hots' for violating rules. We have recently reported that she was being punished because of bending a lot of rules, specially when making phone calls. If you must know, she even asked her young fans to have fake IDs so they could continue calling her. That's another thing. It's pretty disturbing that other people think there is nothing wrong with what she did and that she was just a victim of domestic violence. With that kind of brutal killing, would you consider it just a mere act of self-defense? 

What do you think? Do you want Jodi Arias to spend her entire life behind bars? Would you watch the live coverage? Let us know your thoughts by posting your comments. 

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