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Jodi Arias Life Sentencing Update: Juror faces threats for not calling death penalty?

March 19
8:58 AM 2015

Jodi Arias is servicing her life sentence in jail. But for many people, this doesn't mean she lost. In fact, she has won the battle. After all, she escaped death penalty after killing his ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. What is the latest information about the case? What is happening with her inside the jail? Is one of the jurors receiving threats?

According to Christian Post, the juror who didn't want Arias to face death penalty is now known as Juror 17. Apparently, she didn't want to reveal her real name because of the threats her family is receiving after the verdict. Because of what happened, she was forced to ask the authorities to keep them safe. It seems that those who are against Arias are already against Juror 17. They want her dead, obviously.

One report shared that Juror 17 allegedly watched a Lifetime movie about Arias. This implied that she is a supporter of the killer. She denied this accusation and is firm that she's just doing her job. If she's still to get a normal life, that's quite impossible for now.

Meanwhile, our recent report shared that Arias has been enjoying her time making video calls to her 'supporters'. This includes young girls wherein she advised them to make a fake ID so they can continue their video calls. This didn't sit well with authorities. Based from one source, Arias has been cut off from the outside world. But this doesn't mean that her followers, specifically the boys and girls in a club, would stop idolizing the convicted killer. Some would even use Arias' story as a case of domestic violence. A video from her supporters was also made.  

Evidently, there are some people who still believe that Jodi Arias killed his then boyfriend as an act of self-defense.  But that doesn't matter now. She escaped death, and for Alexander's family, that is still injustice. 

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