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Jodi Arias Latest Update: Murderer faces punishment for violating prison rules; Alexander’s killer transfers to mental institution?

April 6
2:32 AM 2015

Jodi Arias became very infamous when she brutally killed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. She immortalized her evil doing when she took photos of Alexander, almost drowning in his own blood. Now that she's in jail, what are the latest updates about her? Is she in despair behind bars? Was justice served for the killing of Alexander?

We have previously reported that Arias has been gaining fans all over, mostly minors. Some would even call her and take photos, apparently having a great time. Arias, reportedly violated a number of prison rules. In fact, she even asked some minors to use different identities in order to continue talking to her. Apart from that, it was believed that she is using other inmates to make phone calls for her. Of course, these actions have corresponding corrective measures. According to source, she can now only make calls as long as it is about legal matters. Most people find it disturbing that she is gaining followers.

Perhaps, the reason why Arias is extremely happy is because she escaped death penalty. After what she did to Alexander, a lot of people thought that she'd have the same fate. But no, she's alive. Maybe behind bars, nevertheless, breathing. That's more than enough for her to celebrate.

Meanwhile, the juror who actually 'saved' Arias life is now worried about her life. After the decision, she has now received threats. Some other people believe that her decision was biased and that she is fond of Arias.

The fact the Jodi Arias is just behind bars is a clear indication for Travis Alexander's camp that justice was not served. And with the news that Arias is becoming more popular isn't helping the victim's family either. Now many people are asking, is Arias sane? By the looks of it, thousands would agree that she needs to be in a mental institution.

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