'Frozen 2’ Cast Update: Jack Frost joins as Elsa’s love interest? Kristen Bell confirmed her role

By Staff Writer

Apr 06, 2015 03:02 AM EDT

Following Disney's announcement of a "Frozen" sequel, fans that caught the fever are starting to speculate about what "Frozen 2" will bring to the table. Will Disney finally give Elsa a love interest this time? Kristen Bell, who shared her voice to give life to Elsa's equally loved sister, Princess Anna, confirms that she will be joining the cool team once again.

It seems Disney's move to release the "Frozen Fever" special just heightened the fan's anticipation for the sequel. This excitement resulted to numerous speculations about "Frozen 2" including the possible love interest of Elsa, whose personality is quite serious given her experiences since childhood.  One of the top contenders who can make a crossover to "Frozen 2" according to the fans is the beloved outlaw of Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost.

Dreamworks introduced us to Jack Frost, who is considered to be one of the most underrated mystic characters in the movie Rise of the Guardians. Since then, almost every one fell for Jack's undeniable charm. According to recent news, Jack Frost may make a crossover in Disney to guest star as Elsa's love interest in "Frozen 2". Both Elsa and Jack can potentially be a great love team considering that they can both control winter. They may have personality differences since Jack like pranks while Elsa is more focused due to her responsibilities as a queen, but we all know that opposites attract.

There have been so many fan arts and videos posted online that could attest to the possible success of Elsa and Jack's team up if Disney and Dreamworks decide to make it happen.

Meanwhile, to the delight of "Frozen" fans, Kristen Bell happily confirmed her return in "Frozen 2."  Bell tweeted a series of photos and even said "Dreams really do come 2" in one of them.

Even before the huge Frozen craze, Kristen Bell already showed her singing prowess in the 2010 movie, Burlesque, hitting high notes alongside Christina Aguillera and Cher. The video where Kristen Bell sang "Do You Wanna Be a Snowman" went viral, attesting that her magnificent voice really contributed in the huge success of "Frozen."

Will there be a new Disney character to play as Elsa's love interest? Or will Jack Frost make a crossover to fulfill the dreams of so many fans? This possible plot and Kristen Bell's confirmation of her return in "Frozen 2," will surely give the fans something to chew on before the release of Disney's one of the highest-grossing films of all time.

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