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UFO Sightings 2015: UFO Appears On Shawnee Oklahoma News Feed, Aliens are True

March 16
10:39 AM 2015

Over the years, UFO sightings had flooded the social media, newspapers, and books. However, most of these sightings are being turned away from by people who should be clarifying such phenomena. Most of the sightings are sometimes caught by the naked eye and reported via word of mouth. Others have been on camera as a still picture. But recently, UFO's or Unidentified Flying Objects have been seen, and captured using a video camera.

March 12, 2015, the KOCO morning team had captured via camera, a mysterious light flying across the sky near the Shawnee Grand Casino. The KOCO 5 News had posted in their site a 13 second video depicting a bright green object shooting across the sky. The camera was posted at the top of the Grand Casino.  

The sighting happened at the start of their 6 AM traffic broadcast. As the noticeable object had streamed through the camera, there was no mention of it by the reporter. Instead, it had introduced their meteorologist.

The news team had captioned their video, "We caught a flying object on KOCO 5 News in the Morning at 6 AM . What's your guess on the object shooting across the sky?". Many viewers had given their opinions which had ranged from meteors, aircrafts, fireworks, bugs,shooting stars, to aliens.

Well, this hadn't been the first of its kind as a UFO sighting. A video was taken from Silicon Valley in California which had shown a small bright object shoot quickly across the screen. Researchers had suggested that the object may just be a small insect that had moved quickly near the camera. So can we say it's the same for the Shawnee incident?

The least we could do is to wait for the KOCO 5 News to report any progress regarding its UFO. 

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