PayPal shuts down backend-as-a-service provider StackMob just two months after acquisition

By Nicel Jane Avellana

Feb 13, 2014 10:04 AM EST

PayPal is closing down StackMob, the backend-as-a-service provider it purchased a couple of months ago, VentureBeat reported. Clients of StackMob are given until March 31 to export their data through a data-exporting tool available on the site. After that date, they can no longer access it.

In an email to VentureBeat, a PayPal spokeswoman said, "We've decided to close the StackMob Backend-as-a-Service and shut down the StackMob brand to make it easier for our integrated StackMob and PayPal teams to focus on helping developers create seamless payment solutions that span online, mobile, and in-store experiences." The spokeswoman added that there are 14 engineers on StackMob together with other full-time employees.

With StackMob closing its doors, customers will now have to determine where they will be getting the services it offers. StackMob allows mobile application developers to come up with apps more quickly since they don't have to concern themselves with the back end. Because of the service, developers are able to add publish notifications, integrate with social networks and provide other elements to their apps more quickly, the report said.

Other BaaS providers that rivaled StackMob in the space for the past three years included Firebase, Kinvey and Parse. In April last year, Facebook bought Parse and the service has kept on growing since then, allowing Parse to serve more developers that need its service, the report said.

In an email sent by StackMob to customers, the company said it will stop operations on May 11. Part of the message said, "By closing the doors to StackMob, we will be able to focus 100 percent of our energy on extending innovation in mobile technologies that will let users access the rich capabilities of the PayPal global network. We truly believe our work at PayPal will make it easier for developers to create seamless payment solutions that span online, mobile, and in-store experiences. A daunting, but exciting challenge."

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