An Update onTrading Alert of PayPal

Here are some of the update regarding the trading alert of PayPal and stock prices.

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Citigroup Study Report Suggests 30% Job Cuts In US Banking Industry By 2025

To tackle volatility in the US banking market, regulators are enacting new laws time to time directing to absorb new technologies. Adoption of automated technologies coupled with aggression by fintech startups. A recent Citigroup study predicts that US banking sector may witness 30% job cutts by 2025.

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Tokopedia makes its presence in Indonesia amid doubtful investors

Tokopedia, a start-up founded by William Tanuwijaya, is making its presence in Indonesia with its excellent product portfolios. Experts believe that the economic growth in the nation will drive the start-ups to reach its financial stability.

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Modo Payments raises $2 million in funding round

Dallas-based Modo Payments has raised $2 million in a funding round headed by Tim Keith. The company will use the money from funds to widen its payment services buisness.

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JPMorgan Chase to set up cardless ATMs that dispense different denominations

JPMorgan Chase is all set to revolutionize the concept of ATM cash withdrawals. The bank will introduce the new system in the form of e-ATMs which will basically render bank cards redundant. The machines will dispense cash via a simple mobile app, in different denominations like $1, $5, $20, and $100 bills. At the same time, Chase has increased the withdrawal limit by three times, at $3000.

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Hyperloop Technologies to sponsor pod design contest

Hyperloop Technologies said it is one of the promoters of the Elon Musk's SpaceX Hyperloop design competition and will be offering $150,000 in winning prizes for engineering students. The contest consists of two parts in which the students design and construct a pod prototype for Hyperloop system.

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Apple is planning to enter peer-to-peer payment market

Apple is planning to make sure its iPhone users to continue using the company's latest payment service, Apple Wallet through the use of peer-to-peer payment service.

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UK parents want to keep Santa Claus real; hits PayPal's holiday ad

PayPal received complaints from UK parents for taking away the magic of Christmas and the mystery that surrounds Santa Claus. Most kids still probably hold on to the magical belief that Santa delivers Christmas presents in the middle of the night when the children were asleep.

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Amazon to Shut Down mPOS Register by Feb 2016

Amazon will close its mobile point-of-sale system Amazon Register, and users only have until Feb 1, 2016 to switch to another service provider. Bidnes Etc reported that, Inc, which was just launched last year, is considered unsuccessful. The company no longer welcomes new registration for the mPOS. It will close down after February 1, but it will still provide transaction histories until February 28, 2016.

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PayPal expands One Touch Program to 13 New Markets in Europe, Australia for a more convenient check-out

PayPal proves to be one of the leading players in the fast-growing payments industry as it sets to expand its One Touch program to 13 new markets in Europe and Australia, making check-out more convenient for online shoppers and merchants.

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Analytics platform ChartMogul raises $900k; to release new APIs

ChartMogul, an analytics platform, is in the process of strengthening its product development, for which the Berlin-based company has raised new seed funding from Point Nine Capital. The just completed seed funding round is estimated to be $900,000 and the analytics platform provider will invest in speeding up the product development.

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BBM lets Canadian users send and receive money by integrating with PayPal

Digital payment app has become a trend and BlackBerry Messenger now allows its user to send money online by integrating with PayPal.

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Yelp CEO announces departure of Chairman Max Levchin

Crowdsourced business review site Yelp took a double whammy as its chairman filed his resignation after the company's stock plunged 28 per cent for the second quarter of 2015.

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Yahoo unleashes all-new daily fantasy sports league, expects it to be a game changer

Yahoo's official launch of its daily fantasy sports league has stirred a joyful gush of excitement among the millions of fantasy users across the world. Yahoo Sports has been a leader in entertaining their fans with highly engaging sports updates, news, events and mainly sports fantasy contests and appealing prizes.

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PayPal to buy digital money transfer provider Xoom

PayPal Inc said it would buy digital money transfer provider Xoom Corp (XOOM.O) for $890 million as it muscles into a growing international remittance market and expand in countries like Mexico, India and China ahead of a spinoff from eBay Inc (EBAY.O).

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