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Minimizing Risk in the Ecommerce Industry

The growing eCommerce industry has a myriad of benefits including the ability to reach customers across the world and nearly limitless market potential. However, running an online based business also has its risks and drawbacks. Entrepreneurs in the eCommerce space can take the following measures to reduce their risk of common pitfalls.

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Venture Capital Funding Seekers Expected To Show Security Support Standards In Future

Indeed, with so many venture capital funding projects built around web-based activity, many venture capital funding providers are asking a simple question: what kind of IT support is available?

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Led by a Dynamic and Experienced Team, Techreo is Transforming the FinTech Industry in Mexico

Techreo is one of the fastest growing FinTech organizations in Mexico, delivering financial solutions to a large community of underbanked consumers. By offering a full platform of financial services, Techreo delivers an all-in-one solution.

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Uncovering the Causes of the Global Inflation in 2022

Without a doubt, 2022 has been a challenging year for worldwide markets. Several issues, including supply chain bottlenecks, political instability, and climate change, are driving up worldwide costs for daily commodities. Moving forward, businesses and individuals may adapt better during times of volatility if they have a solid knowledge of the short - and long-term sources of inflation and how this will affect consumer purchasing.

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Ethey Is More Than Just A Brand, But A Platform En Route To Transforming Canadian Food And Agriculture

Founded by Nick Spina in 2021, ethey Foods began as an eco-friendly meal delivery service, but has since expanded to acquire other brands to help them grow their business, and become eco-friendly all at the same time.

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Flavia Leal Beauty School Founder

The Top 5 Most Powerful Mindset Shifts for Successful Founders from Flavia Leal Beauty School Founder

The Founder of Flavia Leal Beauty School is passionate about leading by example and inspiring others. A positive mental outlook and several beneficial mindset shifts left her in good stead to overcome her inner and outer struggles and teach others how to do the same.

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Money Transfer Mobile Banking

Co-opetition is the Future of Cross-border Payments

One might say that co-opetition is a form of strategic alliance. It is particularly effective in solving problems that arise at the international level, where regulatory frameworks fail to align. It is also highly common between software and hardware firms.

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Ramp Talent

Ramp Talent: The Go-To Recruiting Firm for Fast-Growing VC-Backed Startups

Recruiting and retaining talented staff is a real hassle in the competitive talent market. RAMP Talent, the brainchild of growth stage recruiting and hiring professional Ben Martinez, is a go-to recruiting firm for fast-growing VC-backed startups looking to prioritize acquiring exceptional talent.

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5 Tips to Make Your Video Marketing Strategy More Effective

For effective video marketing, you need to plan ahead, prepare for filming and editing, and then implement your strategy with the right platforms. Let's say your business is located in Denver. Here are some tips to make your local Denver video marketing strategy more effective.

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People Leader Accelerator helps HR Leaders win the Great Resignation

The People Leader Accelerator program is geared towards providing HR leaders with curated professional resources, actionable advice, and a tight-knit peer community to identify the best methods that HR teams can employ at their organizations in order to avoid being added to the Great Resignation's lengthening list of victims.

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5 Tips to Help Prevent Workplace Injuries

While absolute safety is not possible, there are ways to make accidents and injuries a lot less likely in a given workplace. If you've been looking to reduce accident risks, here are some tips that can help you with that.

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The Most Common Legal Issues for Startups To Consider

As a business owner, you might be surprised by the tiniest details you must abide by in order not to put yourself in the position of dealing with lawsuits. Having a proactive strategy is better than dealing with the consequences of legal lawsuits.

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Kelly Siegel and National Technology Management

Kelly Siegel and National Technology Management Re-Establish Trust in IT Solutions Through a Proactive Approach to the Industry

The technology landscape is constantly changing-what was beneficial yesterday has already been improved for tomorrow. The insurance industry is a prime example of how National Technology Management's solutions can impact an entire industry by implementing one solution

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World Trade X

WorldTradeX Startup Rises Way Up

Our take on this is with the global agriculture market value World TradeX is dominating that shadow other companies find themselves sitting in might just be the shadow of a giant Unicorn.

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Private Equity Industry Struggling to Attain Gender Diversity

The study points towards the importance for private fund management companies to strive for a better gender balance in this sector by placing more females in decision-making roles in order to provide equal opportunities to all and benefit from inclusivity and the overall growth of the organization.

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