European Union

European Union Funds Military Research

The European Union has started funding military research that will boost the military capabilities of the continent. This move is in response to the growing threat of terrorism and political crises.

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US A Country

The United States has been considered as a coutry but unfortunately the European Union isnt. The countries that makes up the EU is considered like the states that makes up the U.S

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European Union Strengthens Defense, Plans 5 Billion Euro Fund

The European Union revealed its plan to invest EUR 5 billion for a common defense fund. The funding will strengthen the continent’s military capabilities and let the governments invest on military research.

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Brexit To Damage Various Sectors Of UK Economy

A commissioned report revealed that the hard Brexit would bring significant damage to the wealth-creating and manufacturing sectors of the UK economy. MPs supporting the continued membership in the single market are set to present the findings of the study in an Open Britain event.

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Greek Public Sector Workers Protest Amid Economic Crisis

Greek public sector workers walked off the street in a series of protest against reforms under the international bailout.

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European Leaders Divided Whether To Enter Deals With Trump Or Not

As the new administration in United States assumes office, the European Allies were divided to whether or not they would enter into deals with the recently-elected American President.

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EU Poultry Sectors Prepares Against Avian Flu Threat

Avian Influenza is now again taking toll to the worldwide poultry industry. This time, EU wants to be more than prepared and protected.

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Irish Sectors Suffer Months After The Referendum Vote

After United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, the PMI data from IHS Market shows that the Irish companies operating in sectors have already suffered in the months subsequent to the referendum.

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German Climate Plan Puts Emphasis On CO2; Targets sectors

According to the statement of its Senior Officials on Monday, the German government has already arrived at a tentative agreement on a Climate Action Plan including targets for all economic sectors aiming to decrease C02 discharge by at least 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990.

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EU-Canada Finally Signed Long-Delayed And Disputed Free Trade Deal

The long talk of the town for EU and Canadian citizens has finally been signed -- EU-Canada Free Trade Deal.

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‘The revolution is over’, Says UK Financial Watchdog

Just as the Britain arranges its exit from EU, United Kingdom’s newest financial watchdog guides into a new age of banks and insurance companies’ oversight.

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EU Investment Plan Has No Added Value Per Auditor

Auditor of EU Investment Plan had revealed that the said plan has no added value.

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BoE Warns Over Post Brexit Economic Crisis, Majority Economists Also Presume Same Consequences

Just after two days of IMF cautions, BoE has warned over blink economic outlook in post-Brexit era. Prior to that BoE governor has described Brexit as the biggest domestic financial stability risk. BoE and its governor have drawn criticisms from the pro-Brexit campaigners following clear stance against leaving EU.

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EU Privacy Regulators Request Changes in EU-US Data Transfer Agreement

WP29 on Wednesday was calling for changes in the commercial data transfer agreement between US and EU. The agency said it does not provide enough protection for privacy for European users.

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Draft of EU Anti-Tax Evasion Law is Under Pressure after Panama Leaks

Advocacy groups heavily criticized the draft as it allows company to hide their activities. Meanwhile, Iceland Prime Minister has resigned following protest over Panama leaks.

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