Protesters Storm Tesla Factory in Germany, Sparking Clash With Police

By Madz Dizon

May 11, 2024 02:36 AM EDT

Protesters Storm Tesla Factory in Germany, Sparking Clash With Police
Police confront environmental activists in a forest near the Tesla Gigafactory electric car factory on May 10, 2024 near Gruenheide, Germany.
(Photo : Axel Schmidt/Getty Images)

A large group of demonstrators rallied against the expansion of a Tesla plant in Grünheide, near Berlin, resulting in confrontations with law enforcement when a faction of protesters tried to breach the electric vehicle manufacturing facility.

Protesters Rally Against Tesla's Forest Expansion

Approximately 800 individuals participated in the protest, as stated by the organizing group Disrupt Tesla, who argue that the expansion would have negative effects on the environment.

According to CNN, Tesla has faced significant criticism following the establishment of its factory in March 2022, and subsequent plans to expand into a nearby forest in order to enhance its production capacity.

In February, the town where the factory is located held a referendum to decide on the plans, but the outcome was not legally binding. 

Since then, demonstrators have set up a camp close by to express their opposition. 

The facility was closed for a week in March due to a suspected arson incident that caused a power outage.  Another protest collective known as Volcano Group has taken credit for the fire, advocating for the total annihilation of the gigafactory.

Footage from Friday's incident captured a large group of individuals wearing blue caps and masks emerging from a nearby wooded area, The Guardian reported. 

They proceeded to make an attempt to forcefully enter the company's premises, with law enforcement officers working diligently to prevent them. One protester was taken into custody.

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Tesla's Lithium Mining Impact

The group also aims to draw attention to the environmental impact of lithium mining in countries like Argentina or Bolivia, as stated by Ole Becker, a spokesperson for Disrupt Tesla. 

Lithium plays a crucial role in powering electric vehicle batteries.

Based on the police, there was an attempt by some individuals to enter the plant's premises. However, they were successfully stopped and several people were taken into custody. Additionally, the police have received a few reports of injuries.

According to a police spokesperson, a group of individuals caused damage to several Tesla cars at a nearby car storage site using pyrotechnics and paint.

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