Amazon Announces Plan to Launch Dedicated Website for Ireland in 2025

By Madz Dizon

May 09, 2024 11:09 PM EDT

Amazon Announces Plan to Launch Dedicated Website for Ireland in 2025(Edward Smith/Getty Images) (Credit: Getty Image)

In an exciting development, Amazon has revealed its plans to introduce a specialized website for Ireland, called, by 2025.

Amazon Launching Irish Site, Dodging Extra Charges

At present, the majority of Irish customers prefer to utilize Amazon sites located in the UK or other European countries.

RTE said the company announced that the Irish site will allow users to bypass any extra customs charges and currency conversion fees.

Additionally, this will result in expedited delivery and returns for numerous items. During that period, the company expressed its plans for the facility to serve as a foundation for the future launch of a website specifically tailored for Ireland.

According to Amazon, the new site will provide a wider range of products from Irish businesses.

The company currently has a workforce of approximately 6,500 individuals spread across Cork, Dublin, and Drogheda.

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Amazon's New Website to Generate Jobs

According to Amazon, the new website will result in the creation of more jobs. Further information regarding these positions will be disclosed in the upcoming months.

"This is fantastic news for Irish customers," said Darragh Kelly, the Ireland General Manager for Customer Fulfillment at Amazon.

According to IDA Ireland CEO Michael Lohan, the introduction of demonstrates the company's dedication to its Irish operations.

Smaller independent retailers have expressed concerns that the new site will add to the pressure they are already facing.

There are certain items, like batteries, that Amazon does not currently ship to Northern Ireland. As a result, some consumers are expressing their desire for a dedicated Irish site that would enable the sale of these products.

A spokesperson from Amazon stated that they currently do not have additional information, but assured customers that more details will be provided as the launch date approaches.

Last year, Amazon inaugurated its inaugural Irish fulfilment centre, a sprawling warehouse that houses inventory before dispatching it to smaller delivery centers.

According to BBC, the company has been actively expanding its network of country-specific sites in Europe. One of the recent additions is Amazon Belgium, which was launched in 2022.

The company's strategy for Ireland may have been expedited due to the impact of Brexit. The challenges of transporting goods from Great Britain to Ireland after Britain's departure from the EU's customs union likely played a role in this decision.

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