Meet Grant Conner: The Eco-Friendly Gold Supplier Revolutionizing the Jewelry Industry

(Credit: Grant Conner) Grant Conner
March 27
2:51 PM 2023

Human activities have consistently damaged the Earth's natural resources, contaminating the water and air. Unfortunately, gold mining is also one of those activities destroying the ecosystem. Illegal mining causes deforestation and affects natural habitats. Thankfully, there is a sustainable alternative to this problem, and Grant Conner is leading the way with his company, Nuggets by Grant and Logos MMX. Grant Conner identifies himself as a gold scientist and producer making natural gold or ethically-sourced gold accessible to people.   

Grant Conner is the fourth-generation, natural gold dealer in his family, which explains why he is so passionate about gold. Born and raised in Oroville, a small town also called the gold town, Conner realized quite early that the niche market needs more sustainable options to save the planet. This paved the foundation for a world-class collection of Natural Gold on Nuggets by Grant. It is an e-commerce brand that has been shipping online for the last 10 years and made over $30 million in sales. Currently, some of the top jewelry brands and companies are sourcing natural and sustainable gold from Nuggets by Grant.  

Apart from shipping ethically sourced gold to customers around the world, Nuggets by Grant is discovering new regions to new regions to source gold in Brazil and Sonora, Mexico. The list also includes eco-friendly North America, Africa, and Australia that enable gold mining with almost no harm to the miner or the landscape. Natural gold is never pure and needs to be refined before making any jewelry or item. The miner who touches the gold first before anyone else is involved in the process. To help these miners, Nuggets by Grant and Logos MMX joined hands with Charity Water, a non-profit working to supply clean water to remote areas of Africa. The goal is to give someone a cup of clean water for their effort to save the planet so they don't have to spend time sourcing it. 

Nuggets by Grant offers an extensive collection with complete transparency that allows customers to know the rivers this gold comes from. Conner reveals, "You can select from Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon region, and even buy gold that was directly on the Gold Rush Show from the Hoffman Family and the Mammoth Valley Mine. You can look through thousands of items 50x more than most competitors' inventories. He further added, "You can browse regions and find mining supplies or spot new gold, gems, or specimens from Brazil, Mexico, Colorado, Italy, and more. You can select the new Logos MMXX tab and buy coins, bars, or casting grain to make organic jewelry." 

Gold has been the primary metal in wedding and engagement rings, a mark that unites two people. It is important to know where it comes from and what impact it has on our future. Conner is helping to make the choice guilt-free by offering sustainable gold sourced ethically. According to him, "This is like a winery finally getting to make something different than Merlot. Also knowing you are saving the Earth is the future. You can market your jewelry and gold investments now with no slave mining practices." No wonder Nuggets by Grant is among the best sellers on eBay and also listed among the top 1% of Shopify store traffic. At present, Nuggets by Grant is the largest distributor of eco gold in the world. 

Conner is on a mission to make eco-gold more accessible to people and hopes to see less corruption in the precious metal industry. He wants Nuggets by Grant to collaborate with more renowned jewelry brands to help small mining communities that are preserving our ecosystem.  

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